Episode 252: The Spiel on Hanamikoji


Release Date: Feb. 6, 2017

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Running Time:   57 min.

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Hanamikoji is a street in Kyoto renowned for its many geishas who perform at restaurants and tea houses. 

Hanamikoji is also a brilliant two player card game.

In the game, you are the proprietor of a restaurant, trying to hire talented geishas to come work in your establishment. You'll do so by collecting items the geishas use in their art, hoping to curry their favor and win the game.

The beauty of the game is its simplicity. Four simple actions combine in various ways to create surprising, challenging and fun decisions on every turn.

Tune in to learn why we think Hanamikoji is amazing enough to earn both the Spiel of Approval Award AND our highest honor as a Keeper.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Hanamikoji  Emperor S4 |  Quick Simple Fun Games |  BGG  | Amazon

Designer: Kota Nakayama

Artist: Maisherly Chan

Publisher: Emperor S4, Quick Simple Fun Games 

2 players  15 - 20 min   ages 8+   MSRP $16.99

Music credits include:

Iso Bushi  by Umekichi  |  the album (Voice of Geisha Doll)

Kirigirisu   by Umekichi  |  the album (Voice of Geisha Doll)

Shamisen Boogie Woogie   by Umekichi  |  the album (Voice of Geisha Doll)