Essen 2016: Technology & Board Games


Release Date: Oct.  28, 2016

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Running Time:   47 min.

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The line between the cardboard game world and the digital game world is blurring now more than ever.

Most people outside the board game industry might take this to mean the digital world is pushing the cardboard world to the side, making it less and less relevant. People spend their time looking at screens not across the table any more.

But this is not so!

In fact the cardboard world is thriving and feeding off the success and interest in digital world. We see more and more board games embracing technology not as a gimmick but as a new and innovative way to enhance game play.

The real truth is these two worlds, the cardboard and the digital are not really colliding, they are converging. 

This panel explores the evolution of board games that embrace technology AND examines how the cardboard world influences the digital gaming world as well.

Our panel features:

Ignacy Trzewiczek (Portal Games)

Ted Alspach (Bezier Games)

Joseph Cochran

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Ignacy Trzewiczek | Portal Games

Ted Alspach | Bezier Games

Joseph Cochran

Music credits include:

The Typewriter   by  Leroy Anderson  |  the song