Essen 2016: Publishing Games for the World


Release Date: Oct. 23 , 2016

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Running Time:    48 min.

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The world of board and card games has grown into a global enterprise.

20 or 30 years ago the idea of a regional game publisher reaching markets around the world would have been almost laughable. Because the world today is more united than ever by technology and by a common love of games, the publishers are able to have their games reach players thousands of miles away across boundaries of culture and language. 

Publishing a game for people around the corner is not easy. Publishing games for the world is a tremendous challenge. The goal of this panel is to explore this idea and to learn how different companies around the world try to reach the world with their games. 

Our panel features:

Agnieszka Kopera (NSKN, Strawberry Studio)

Nate Scheidler (Gigamic)

Konstantinos Kokkinis (Artipia Games)

Nobuake Takerube  (Japon Brand)

Brandan Parsons (Brain Games)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


Agnieszka Kopera | NSKN  |  Strawberry Studio

Nate Scheidler | Gigamic

Konstantinos Kokkinis | Artipia Games

Nobuake Takerube | Japon Brand

Brandan Parsons | Brain Games

Music credits include:

Plink Plank Plunk  by  Leroy Anderson  |  the song