Episode 239: Chronicler is Major Fun


Release Date: Sept 8 , 2016

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Running Time:   43 min.

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Chronicler is a small game with large aspirations.  With less than 100 cards, Chronicler explores the march of technology through time. You’ll be telling the story of your civilization through the tools you choose to build... in 20 minutes or less

Now, this isn't a civilization building game in the long line of a complicated titles that gamers know and love. This is a civ builder kids and families can learn and enjoy. You’re not going to find historical depth in this level of game but it doesnt pretend to offer it. Instead you hit fast forward on the time machine. Plant the seed for your culture with a single card and see how your tech tree grows. 

Tune in to learn what we love about Chronicler and why it deserves the Major Fun Award.

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Chronicler   Deinko  |  BGG |  Funagain

Designer: G B Kim  Publisher: Deinko
2-4 players  20 min.  ages 10+  MSRP $25


Music credits include:

Bidin' My Time   by Sarah Vaughn   |  the song