GenCon 2016 - Designing Games for Kids


Release Date: August 11 , 2016

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Running Time:   47 min.

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A round table discussion about the challenges of designing games for kids.

Are there factors that weigh into the design and development process when publishing or designing a game specifically for kids? If so, what are these factors? From rules and components to playtesting and packaging, we explore the decisions children's game publishers and designers make that are markedly different from games catering to adults.

Our panel features:

Markus Nikisch (HABA)

Brandan Parsons (Blue Orange)

Josh West (ThinkFun)

Bernie DeKoven (Major Fun).

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


Markus Nikisch | HABA | HABA USA

Brandan Parsons | Blue Orange

Josh West | Think Fun

Bernie DeKoven | A Playful Path | Deep Fun

Music credits include:

The Typewriter   by  Leroy Anderson  |  the song