Episode 236: Karuba is Major Fun


Release Date: August 1 , 2016

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Running Time:   35 min.

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Karuba is an island with hidden treasures. Your goal is to lead your team of adventurers through the jungle along the smartest route to riches. Each turn you have a  choice: place a tile to create a path to the treasure temples OR discard the tile and move one your team's pawns along the path. You might even run across some gold or diamonds along the way.

Deceptively simple, Karuba uses a bingo like system to offer players a wonderful strategic puzzle for players young and old. 

Tune in to learn the mysteries of Karuba why we think it deserves the Major Fun Award!

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Karuba   HABA  |  BGG  

Designer: Rudiger Dorn  Publisher: HABA
2-4 players  40 min.  ages 8+  MSRP $35

Music credits include:

Der Lowe schlaft heut nacht   by Henri Salvador |  the song  

Jungle Rock   by Hank Mizell  |  the song