Episode 233: Nitro Glyxerol is Major Fun


Release Date: June 1 , 2016

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Running Time:   36 min.

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It makes old people young again, turns wallflowers into stunning beauties and can turn dust, dirt or dung into gold! It smells wonderful and tastes even better. You can even reach the speed of light if you have enough!

What is it? Nitro Glyxerol of course! The only catch: every batch has to be mixed fresh... and you never quite know the results until you're done...

Nitro Glyxerol is a chemical mixing dexterity game. Shake and slide colored cubes through a maze to the long neck of your flask shaped mixer as fast as you can. But be careful! Precision is as important as speed in this game. The order of the cubes must match the pattern of cards laid out on the table. Collect cards to score points but beware of the dreaded mouse poop cube. If you prove to be a successful mixer. It could get in the way!

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Nitro Glyxerol   Zoch Verlag  |  BGG  | Amazon.de 

Designer: Luca Borsa, Andrea Mainini  Publisher: Zoch

2-4 players  20 min.  ages 7+  MSRP 30EUR

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Music credits include:

Wombass  by Oliver Heldens and Tiësto  |  the song