Episode 221: Pingo Pingo is Major Fun


Release Date: Feb. 1 , 2016

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Running Time:   39 min.

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Space penguins guard The Golden Pineapple on a mysterious island.

You had me at space penguins... :)

Pingo Pingo is a wacky game driven by a 15 minute soundtrack. Using a deck of cards and your trusty rubber dart gun, you must face traps, cross rope bridges, avoid angry polar bears and hordes of pengiuns to collect the most treasure and escape before time runs out. Tune in to find out why Pingo Pingo is... Major Fun!

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Pingo Pingo   Iello  |  BGG  |  Designer's web site

Designer: Roberto Fraga  Publisher: Iello  2-5 players  15 min.  ages 6+

Music credits include:

The Penguin  by Raymond Scott  |  the song