Essen 2015 - Amigo

Release Date: Oct. 23 2015

Running Time:  21 min.

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German publisher Amigo Spiele has catalog full of games that appeal to a wide audience of players. Seeing the red Amigo logo today means easy to learn, fresh gameplay and, most important, fun.

Editors Uwe and Christian join us to chat about several titles that embrace this philosophy.

A new deluxe edition the classic Elfenland includes the base game plus expansions and a new board. PLayers try to visit as many cities across the realm using fantastic methods of transportation including dragons, whales, pigs and trolls. 

Gipfelsturmer is a game from Friedemann Friese. Players roll dice combinations to push their wooden capricorns (ok, they're really goats) up different paths to the top of the mountain.

Roman Poker is a dice game from noted game historian and designer David Parlett. Players roll roman numeral dice to fill out a score sheet. The twist is your rolls must always form a valid roman numeral or you bust.

The Portal of Molthar is a card game where players travel into a world known through folklore and fairy tales. Collect magic pearls to activate character cards and be the first to gather 12 insignias of power.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Elfenland Deluxe Edition    Amigo  |  BGG

Gipfelsturmer     Amigo  |  BGG

Roman Poker     Amigo  |  BGG

The Portal of Molthar     Amigo  |  BGG




This was the interview that was almost lost. For those interested, here's the story

My ordinarily trusty Mac decided to have a panic attack and crash right in the middle of our recording session with the fine folks from Amigo. First time this has happened in five years at Essen.

Uwe and Christian were very patient while I slowly lost my mind trying to figure out what had gone wrong. We parted not knowing if I would be able to salvage anything from the corrupted files...

Until today, that is!

Lo and behold my my digital kung fu worked (eventually) and here we have it, our final Essen interview for 2015!

Spiel on!