Essen 2015 - Portal Games

Release Date: Oct. 21, 2015

Running Time:  25 min.

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Polish designer Ignacy Trewiczek chats about treasure trove of new games from Portal. 

First we talk about a new edition of Stronghold, an asymmetrical game about a castle under siege. Since Stronghold was Ignacy's first design, this chance to revisit the game enabled him to streamline the rules and enhance the components which allows the tension and story of this pitched battle to shine through even more.

Convoy is a 2 player card duel game in the post apocalyptic Neuroshima Hex universe. One side commands a Moloch robot army bent on destroying New York. The other controls the Outpost trying to attack the convoy and slow them down.

Legacy: Five Families is an expansion to the base game where players build a family tree in 18th century France. New to the game are Favors which can be granted in exchange for trading family members between players. 

We close with a discussion of Tides of Time, an elegant, strategic 18 card drafting game that depicts the rise and fall of civilizations in 20 minutes.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Stronghold 2nd Ed.       Portal |  BGG

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