Episode 269: Twangled is Major Fun


Release Date: August 31, 2017

Download: PDF

Designer: uncredited

Publisher:  Mindware

4-8 pl  5-10 min ages 6+  MSRP $25



Twangled is a cooperative party game where players tie themselves in knots holding elastic bands. Using a foot spinner, each person steps over or under the bands until the whole group is one big "twangled" mess. The goal for the group is to then untangle itself so everyone is facing the center.

It's great for kids and adults alike, guaranteed to make you laugh, and owes a great debt to Knots and other wonderful cooperative games taught by the Dalai Lama of Playfulness, Bernie DeKoven. Who better to write our review of Twangled than Bernie himself?!

Read on to discover why Bernie loves Twangled and what makes it Major Fun!

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Episode 268: Mole Rats in Space is Major Fun


Release Date: August 14, 2017

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Running Time:   50 min.

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It might come as a suprise to learn that mole rats make perfect astronauts.

Or maybe we should call them ratstronauts? 

Their skin can't feel pain. They can lower their metabolism and breathing. They’re resistant to cancer and can even survive without oxygen for a time.

You and your fellow players are mole rats living on a space station in a galaxy far far away.

Suddenly, the alarm blares... INTRUDER ALERT! The station is being overrun by intergalactic snakes!!

It’s up to your team to gather the right emergency supplies and find a way to the last escape pod before time runs out. Just don't forget the duct tape!

Listen in to discover why we think this cooperative game is great for kids and adults and is most definitely... Major Fun!

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Episode 267: The Spiel on Cottage Garden


Release Date: August 1, 2017

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Running Time:   50 min.

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Gardening, to some, much like board games, is not just a pastime - it's a passion - a way of life. In Cottage Garden your goal is to paint with peonies and petunias, planting and arranging the right mix of flowers and foliage to create a relaxing and glorious garden in the limited space you have.  You might even get help from a cat or two along the way. Each flowerbed you complete will add to your garden’s beauty and your final score.

Cottage Garden is a tile laying game that plays like an interactive puzzle.

Listen in to learn why the game has cultivated our Spiel of Approval!

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Episode 266: Beasts of Balance is Major Fun


Release Date: June 26, 2017

Download: PDF

Designer: G Buckenham, A Fleetwood

Publisher:  Sensible Object

1-5 pl  30 min ages 7+  MSRP $99



Beasts of Balance is a playful hybrid of analog and digital games. It combines the simple almost primal act of stacking with technological elements that enhance and expand gameplay in fun and unexpected ways.

You will build and destroy a new world each time you play. Using wonderful and whimsical three dimensional animals and an app installed on your tablet, you populate your world by stacking each one on a platform called a plinth, hoping to create new hybrids, score points and keep each creature from going extinct.

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Episode 265: Tricky Trunks is Major Fun


Release Date: June 13, 2017

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Running Time:   40 min.

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Life in the herd can get boring when you’re a young elephant. To pass the time, the little ones invent games to play. First they gather a bunch of colorful balls. Next they race to see who can pick them up. BUT here’s the challenge:

You must pick up the balls according to a certain pattern and.. 


You can only use your kooky plastic elephant trunk to pick up the balls!

Listen in to discover why we think Tricky Trunks is a joy to play. It's Hungry Hungry Hippos for the 21st century. And is most emphatically Major Fun!

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Episode 264: The Spiel on Roll Player


Release Date: June 1, 2017

Download:  Enhanced  | MP3

Running Time:   46 min.

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Every adventurer has a story to tell. In Roll Player, you get to start at the beginning and craft a hero for the ages, one die roll at a time.

Each turn you will place dice into a character board to shape your characters basic traits like strength, intelligence and dexterity. With luck and cunning, these decisions will help you meet the goals of your class and alignment or leave you with enough gold to buy some amazing equipment at the market.

If you love rpgs, there's a lot to love about Roll Player. 

But even if you can't tell an orc from an elf or a scimitar from a Bohemian earspoon, Roll Player is a game that could still speak to you

Part puzzle, part press your luck dice game, there are challenging and fun decisions to make every turn.

Listen in to learn for an in-depth look at the game and discover why it has earned the Spiel of Approval Award!

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Episode 263: Ninja Camp is Major Fun


Release Date: May 28, 2017

Download: PDF

Designer: Adam Daulton

Publisher:  Action Phase Games

2-4 pl  30 min ages 10+  MSRP $20



It’s a little known fact that animals make the best ninjas. In fact, there’s a secret camp where they go to train. Whether you’re a hamster, a camel, a sloth or a platypus, Sensei Saru can teach you to master the arts of the shadow warrior.

Today, the Sensei has a special challenge for all his students. Each animal clan will enter the arena and face each other in a grand melee. You must use your skills combined with the opportunities you find in the arena to remain standing while others fall.

Do this and Sensei Saru will name your clan to be his personal apprentices, and the best students at Ninja Camp!

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Episode 262: Picassimo is Major Fun


Release Date: May 15, 2017

Download:  Enhanced  | MP3

Running Time:   41 min.

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There’s trouble brewing in the small town of Forgerville. The night before the new abstract art exhibition at the museum, all the paintings have gone missing!

Luckily the museum employees have a plan. Overnight, they will paint furiously and replace the paintings with abstract works of their own.

Picassimo is a party game where players create, disassemble and reassemble works of art. You'll use a 6 part canvas to create your drawing and then mix up some of the parts and present your masterpiece to the other players, your critics. They must then try to guess the subject of your artwork, even though the pieces are out of order, by mentally reassembling the parts.

Best of all, you really don't have to be an expert artist to do well at Picassimo. That's because Picassimo allows you to look and draw each work of art in a new way.

That's what we call innovation. And it's also what we call Major Fun!

Listen in to learn all about the game and discover whether Picassimo should be hanging in your gallery at home.

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Episode 261: The Spiel on Lorenzo il Magnifico


Release Date: May 1, 2017

Download:  Enhanced  | MP3

Running Time:   66 min.

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The Medici family ruled the Florentine Republic for nearly a century. They controlled the largest and most trusted bank in Europe and used their enormous wealth and influence to gain political power. But they ruled as citizens, not royalty.

A diplomat, poet, collector and patron to artists and scholars, Lorenzo de Medici was the greatest leader of Florence and a father of the Renaissance.

But he didn't do it alone. Maintaining Florentine power and status was a family business!

In the game, each player is the head of a noble house in Florence. You hope to guide your family to prestige and power by sending each member of your family to different areas of the city. They will gather resources, sponsor new developments, hire characters and fund economic ventures. 

Every player must also be mindful of the Pope. If you do not demonstrate enough loyalty and faith to the Vatican, you risk excommunication! Without the support of the Church your family may struggle to rise to the top.

Listen in to learn for an in-depth look at the game, learn more about the history of the Medicis and discover why it has earned the Spiel of Approval Award!

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Episode 260: Great Dinosaur Rush is Major Fun


Release Date: April 24, 2017

Download: PDF

Designer: Scott Almes

Publisher:  APE Games

2-5 pl  60 min ages 10+  MSRP $50



There’s little doubt today’s world is dino-crazy. Few things fire our imagination like seeing the bones of these massive reptilian beasts. And yet this was not always the case. Dinosaurs became part of popular culture due to the Great Dinosaur Rush over 120 years ago!

In the late 1800s, rival paleontologists scrambled to be the first to discover and promote new species of dinosaurs. They often stooped to devious and underhanded means to compete with and embarrass anyone who happened to get in the way. This race for bones led to the discoveries of over 142 species of dinosaurs. And this flood of new bones to museums sparked public interest and the dino-craze that still rages on today.

In The Great Dinosaur Rush, each player is a famous fossil hunter searching the American prairie for bones. You will use these bones to physically build your own dinosaur each turn, either real or imagined, hoping to score big in the museum exhibit.

But beware, your opponents may try to sabotage your efforts along the way. You may need to play a little dirty to win, but if you gain too much notoriety, it will cost your dearly!

Read on to explore our in-depth review of the game and learn why we think it is worth of the Major Fun AND Spiel of Approval Awards!

Written review continues after the break.