When listening to episode #73, I became really excited when hearing about the requirements for getting a hold of the game Cordoba.  It just so happened that my wife, who is a Spanish teacher, was heading over to Spain with her Spanish class in June and she was going to be stopping in Cordoba.  Before she left, we checked out the Cordoba gaming group's website so that she could try to meet up with them.  Unfortunately, it looks like the group is on a small hiatus for the entire time that she is going to be in Spain.  Bad timing! 

The good news is that she did call me from Spain and mention that she bought a Spanish deck of cards so we can try out Mus and Toruro.  It looks like we'll have to try to head back to Cordoba in the future if we want meet up with their gaming group.  Not that she'd have to twist my arm to do so....Cordoba is an amazing place and I'll be able to load up on Jamon Jamon potato chips.

Thanks Steve and Dave for doing the quick review of the Spanish/Colombian card games.  I can't wait to try them out.



That's a bad break, the Cordoban game group was off the exact time she is going to be there.

Like you said, though, good incentive to go back.

Jamon is ham in Spanish, right? So are they ham flavored chips or is that just the brand name? Ham chips sound tasty...

I am looking at the possibility of going to Essen this year, specifically at incorporating Essen into a longer European trip. One of the ideas I have toyed with is to start in Spain, take the train up to Eseen and the return to Spain. If I did this, Cordoba will definitely be on my agenda!

I just got a new deck of Spanish cards last week. I was thinking I need to play some more Toruro soon before I forget all the wacky rules!

Woo hoo!  She brought back a couple of bags of Ruffles Sabor de Jamon chips and a deck of Spanish cards.  We'll start trying to work our way throught the Mus rules this week.

Stephen, Ham chips are the best!  I shared them with my co-workers today and all were in agreement that they are great.  Too bad that they can't be found in the U.S.

On a gaming note, she did take a copy of Archaeology-The Card Game with her for the trip.  Her kids loved it.  It was a great way to while away the time in airports and on buses and trains.