2008 Donation List for Children's Hospitals

Games for Ages 4 and Up  
There's  Moose in Your House

Giro Gallopo

Gulo Gulo
Animal on Animal

Go Away Monster

Pitch Car  
Cookin' Cookies  
 Games for Ages 8 and Up  
 10 Days in... Series  
 Hey! That's My Fish  
 Duck Duck Go
 A Baker's Dozen
 A to Z Junior  
 Games for Ages 12 & Up  
 Formula D  
 Ticket to Ride  
 Incan Gold

The amended list has a few changes from the original. Most notably, I have scaled back a few of my selections on the 12 and up category. I removed El Grande Winner's Circle in favor of Blokus and Incan Gold. Both these games play a lot more quickly and would be easier to learn. I think it's important, though to leave a few longer potentially more involved titles like Carcassonne, Talisman, and Kingsburg in place since older young adults could really have a lot of fun losing themselves for an afternoon or evening without being overwhelmed by the rules.

From your earlier suggestions, we will plan on including quick start guides. I am hoping we can get help from fellow Spielers in assembling a one-sheet overview of rules and setup to include with each game. Volunteers, anyone?


If you understand that by help, I mean come up with a basic rough draft that can then be made presentible and comprehnsible.  And probably cut down in size due to my verbosity.

But I am not certain I can help a whole lot. I only know, or have access to 10 of the games up there.  But I will start easy & take a stab at Talisman & Snorta?

Out of curiosity.  how many of these have one-sheet overviews already available on BGG and can you use those (I dont' know weird copywrite laws or something)?  And also, is there a way you can let us know which ones still need write-ups, and which ones have been done?


I'm in, too. I think you'll want to make some sort of template or something so that they all have a similar look. And it wouldn't hurt to design a logo for the foundation so that it can be included, too.


Excellent. We appreciate the help!

We're getting ready for our winter break and though much of my time is going to be spent putting the padded cell back together, I have some time marked out to get the Foundation wheels rolling, too.

With that in mind, I'll work on doing an example sheet for one of the games on the list and you can use that as a template. I'll post the file in a link here. I'll definitely add a logo and/or masthead on the sheet, plus a little blurb about the foundation and our web site. Once we get the format down, you can just plug in your quick start guide onto the page and send it back to me when you're done. I'd certainly look on BGG to see if there are quality quick start reference sheets available. Keep in mind the audience for these games may be different that the average BGG user. BUt you're right that we shouldn't spend time reinventing the wheel if we can help it!

I plan to set up the foundation site as an offshoot from thespiel.net, so the URL will resolve to something like thespiel.net/foundation. I will almost certainly go ahead and buy thespielfoundation.net and redirect it to the above.

For the time being, let's use the two forums (one for each list) as a place to stake your claim to volunteer to write/research the one-sheet for a specific game title.That means:

xofour: Talisman, Snorta

joeyhemlock: pick as many as you like!

stephen: I'll start with Ubongo and use it as the template.


I've put together a sample quick-start rules sheet for Ubongo.

Download it and see what you think. I welcome your feedback.

Having gone through the process of creating this document, I am an unsure whether it is worth the effort to do these rules sheets. It felt too much like re-writing the entire rules. Any thoughts?

If we decide it is worth doing and we are able to refine the format, we'll be able to use this one as a template for the others.

Ubongo Rules Sheet (pdf)