BGG Con travel plans

So, I am in the process of planning my exact itinerary and deciding whether to drive or fly to Dallas for BGG Con. Since it looks like a 12+ hour trip, if I drive, I'll do it over two days. This means:

Depart Indianapolis Nov. 19  Arrive Dallas Nov. 20

Depart Dallas Nov. 23  Arrive Indy Nov. 24

Right now, it looks like stopping somewhere in the Little Rock, AR area would make the most sense on Nov. 19. On the return trip, looks like Memphis TN would be a good half way point (and will give me time to watch the Colts game Sunday night).

If there are any listeners in either of these two areas who wouldn't mind a brief houseguest/couch surfer, let me know! I can offer some Spiel dice in trade, maybe even a t-shirt. How's that for bribery! :)

I also have my eye on a couple flights that may work out, but they stress the budget a little more than I'd like. With gas prices currently being reasonable and the fact that I do enjoy long road trips, i figure it's worth a shout out to the Spieleverse before I lock down my plans.



I you're willing to come this far west, I'll talk it over with my wife and see if it would work.

Thanks for the offer!

Google tells me it would add another 100+ miles to the trip to go that far west before heading south. As it stands, I'm still leaning toward the Southern route through TN and AR, but I'll certainly let you know if I change my mind.

From CA I'll be flying in. The drive just isn't gonna work for me. :) I'll be getting in on Friday afternoon so hope to see you there!

My Essen plans were crushed (literally) as well. But hey, I'll get to see you at BGG Con, so that's good too. Look forward to playing some more games. Though I won't be on your marathon pace if you're going round the clock as you were at Origins!



Hey, I was glad to hear at least half of my favorite podcast duo was going to make an appearance at the event.

I'll bring along my copy of Schrille Stille if you want a look at it or give it a spin. It's also going to be available at the games library there.

 Safe trip!


Quinn Munnerlyn III

Hard to believe its only a week away. Getting excited!

I ended up having to book a flight due to a conflict with our Thanksgiving plans the following week. I'll be arriving around 1PM on Thursday afternoon and departing around 4PM Sunday.

I'd love to try Schrille Stille. Cool! Look forward to seeing you there, Quinn.