Episode 51 Mystery Connection: Mexica & American Dream Game

Can YOU find the mystery connection between Mexica and The American Dream Game ?

Post your guesses here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

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Guess as many times as you like. If no one finds our mystery connection, we'll award the dice to the guess we think is the most creative.

Spiel on!



**Originally posted by Gantrell (Larry Mendel)**

My first guess is that they both share a ......wait for it....... fence!
Get it? Mexico (mexica) and America (American dream) both share a common border.

wa wa wa

Larry "The Mimix" Mendel

**Originally posted by Steerpike**

the connection is Kentucky Fried Chicken.
KFC is one of the companies in American Dream and there are lots of chickens being slaughtered in ancient Mexica.

No, wait, it is Coca Cola. Again, one of the companies in American dream, and no matter where you go in Mexico there are empty coke bottles littering the ancient monuments.
Seriously. It's a disgrace.

The other conncetion may well be the continent of America although that may be a bit obvious.

Or perhaps the connection is topical ? Is it subprime mortgages ?
In American Dream you're trying to make a load of money with dodgy investments and, similar to most money men of the Enron era the ancient Mexicans could not count beyond ten (or perhaps the cheap workforce that is funding the American Dream comes from Mexica?)

Hmm, maybe too political ?

Perhaps the connection is time.
Mexica is set in the years BC whereas American Dream has the initials "AD"

Clearly a long shot but after the debacle of "Kentucky Fried Chicken" I'm sure that anything goes !

Spiel on dudes :-)

[ps perhaps both games are in Tolstoy's Top Ten?]
We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

i guess it could be Coca-cola but b/c Texcoco is like coca...hmmmm, that's a stretch!

Perhaps Delta, you can buy stock in it in A.D. and fly Delta to get to mexic(o)a.

But I think it has to be.......Green Cards! (or Landscaping)

Mexica(ns) have an American Dream of...coming to America! and for that they need.... Green cards...I win! And what is there American dream...to become landscapers?


Trying to think sideways here

George Lopez has an album called The American Dream (America's Mexican)


Mexica features pyramids - The American Dream game features pyramid selling (it may not - but hey! it's worth a go)


BTW - Who is George Lopez?

The connection is expensive vacations. Mexica was a watery Aztec resort, and the American Dream is to have enough money to go to Mexican resorts for most of the year.


Extending on Steerpike's topical/political flavor - The American dream of rags to riches has dissapeared in the curent economy, just like Lake Texcoco has dissapeared.

The answer to this mystery connection game is of course: Jim Carrey.

Mexica is one of "The Mask" games, of course, Jim Carrey starred in The Mask.

The American Dream Game has a "Flexibility Path" and we all know that Jim Carrey is an extremely flexible physical comedian.

Do I even need to explain? You read the subject and slap your forehead and think, damn, that's it! So obvious.

OK... AMERICA and MEXICA are very similar words.
If you take the "head" and "tail" off of America you get "MERICA"... coincidence?

The only letters that are different between the two are "R" and "X".

Put them together and you get "RX".
Since "The American Dream Game" is all about stocks...
The stock market symbol RX represents "IMS Health Inc."

- viola

The connection is the pyramids. The pawns in the American Dream Game look just like the pyramids in Mexica... with heads.

The other connection is that Dave and Stephen are INSANE

Andy Rustleund

I feel exactly like Steve Martin in the Jerk when the phone book arrives!

Woo hoo! My Speil dice have arrived in a nice, shiney silver box... and they are BEAUTIFUL.

I have arrived.
I have reached the pinacle of game-hood.
I can now rest in the afterlife of heavenly geekdom with a smug smile on my lips and two small bumps in my pocket to announce how happy I am to see you.

Thank you Speilmen!   :-)