The Spiel Dice

I am now the proud recipient of the Spiel Dice.

Not sure if everyone knows what they look like (I certainly didn't) so if you are interested I've posted a photo on my blog:

Go on, you know you want a pair too !


And your dice had to travel across an ocean! I've been meaning to start up a photo gallery on the site for all of us to post some pics, but I haven't quite managed to get it going yet. I even thought about starting a Spiel Flickr account as a stop-gap measure.

Good to know the dice still look good on another continent! Easy to see why we call them the "coveted" Spiel dice, eh?

Thanks for posting the link.

Thanks for the link, Steerpike. My wife and I are enjoying reading through your blog entries. You write well. The only problem I have so far is your lack of respect for horseradish. Everyone knows that slabs of raw fish on blocks or rice are simply wasabi distribution units. All other forms of meat are essentially horseradish distribution units.

Scotty, we'll have to get you and our friend Mark (the evil Puzzle master) together and do sushi. I thought I loved the green stuff, but Mark definitely ascribes to your horseradish distribution theory!

If you love Japanese food, you should definitely see the movie Tampopo some time.

Billed as the first Japanese


you're not the elusive Lemony Snickett are you ?

He's got a thing about wasabi.

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