What! Nobody talking about Goober?!!

Well, we will have to change that!! A game I recently got a hold of that has some cool goober and some outstanding artwork is Arkadia by Rudiger Dorn.

Cool Torres type towers and little builder men, but the artwork on the building tiles is top notch!!

Here is a cool shot form BGG.



Talk about a game with everything but the kichen sink! I love the little cooking pots!

And the cloud shaker thingee is great, too.

Thanks for the follow up on Dart Wars. Dave is a killer dart player but, glutton for punishment that I am, I think I'll have to get it and let him destroy me. At least I can still kick his butt at tennis!


I am definitely a sucker for good goober. I'm happy to sit through a six-eight hour game of Twilight Imperium just to play with the ultra-cool ships!

Looking forward to goober-kings Tide of Iron and Duel in the Dark. Check those babies out on BGG!

On the Table: Fire and Axe, Winds of Plunder, Age of Steam, Combat Commander

You must be reading Dave's mind, Brandon. Arkadia is his New & Notes pick for Episode 29, which comes out tomorrow. I love the Torres-like castle pieces. Gooberiffic, for sure!

Dumpty keeps making my Goober list longer and longer. I just looked at Winds of Plunder and it has some great old-school goober.


Ya, what can I say other than you guys have good taste :P

I am also looking forward to Duel in the Dark as I am a big plane nut and Wings of War is just about my favorite game. I hope to be receiving Combat Commander shortly.

And talking about Winds of Plunder, I recently pre-ordered another Pirate classic from GMT Blackbeard!!! Which has some drop dead gorgeous artwork.

oh ya, I am currently in the process of painting my War of the Ring set!!! At the rate I am going, I should have it done around Christmas! You think I am kidding I am not!!

One of my favorite games in Junior High was MBs Square Mile (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/2334 ), a real estate development game. We liked it because unlike Monopoly, it ended pretty quickly. The game has lots-o-goober. Stacks of play money, heavy cardstock terrain tiles, heavy cardstock terrain randomizers, market value tiles, plastic road segments (some with bridges), plastic subdivision grids (the tic-tac-toe board grids), white plastic buildings of several types (homes, industry, school, shopping center, church) and cool player marker pawns. All with 60s futuristic graphics. Probably one of the greatest goober games from MB or PB in the 60s. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/5984 has a pretty good picture of the set. I got a used one a few years ago on ebay for $35 or so.

Hi everybody,

I just discovered this little gem at boargamegeek:
Blood Feud In New York

Looks like plenty of great goober. I especially love the description: The helicopters are very good. The rotors spin when you blow on them. How cool is that??



1 gameboard (1m x 1.6m) -> we are talking METERS here!

2 pirate ships (each with 1 figurehead, 1 steering wheel, 1 front mast with sail and mast basket, 1 main mast with 2 sails, 1 pirate flag, 1 lantern, and 1 rear trapdoor)
-> The ships are almost 30 cm long!!

+ lots of other cool stuff

Check it out here Pirates on the High Seas


Some nice goober can be found in the game 'Schrille Stille' (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/831) where a wooden/ cardboard CD-player is used for secret voting on a billboard chart.

A vast amount of goober can be found in the game 'War of the pacific' (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/22843)

At my CABS game night tonight, I got to play a couple of silly fun games with some nifty goober. The first was "a la Carte" - a game where players are trying to properly season dishes. The neat goober comes in the form of s a little laminated cardboard type stove, and metal cooking pot... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/161422 The game has a lot of "screw your neighbor", but was pretty fun, if a little overlong. The second was called Ab die Post! and is an airplane racing game where you shake...THE CLOUD OF DOOM http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/120777 to determine what is going to happen each turn. THE CLOUD OF DOOM is basically just a glorified randomizer, but it's just a lot of fun to call for THE CLOUD OF DOOM. I also wanted to update you on another goober game I had talked about at Gencon. I finally got a hold of Dart Wars from Asmodee. It's a fun little game, although the board is a bit smaller than I had imagined, and the darts really don't grab as well as I was expecting...although they are decently strong. It is a heck of a lot of fun, although if you are bad at throwing darts...you may get frustrated.