Looking at getting this game to use with my sons 13/14 yr old game group.  We have tried Descent and D&D, liked both but our inability to keep the same group together has limited our campaign success.

This looks more contained.

Is this a good pick for that group?

Also any expansions worth adding to it?





I think Runebound would be a perfect fit if you need a one-off adventure game. It may not have the flashy plastic figs that Descent has, but it does offer a good variety of gameplay even with just the basic set.

We haven't played with very many of the expansions (in fact we are trying to do a big Runebound session sometime to play most of them off "The List"). My advice would be to try the basic set and then you can add the very affordable expansion decks to the game to suit your tastes.

There are also variant rules on BGG for co-op play if you want to keep the "party of adventurers" aspect going.

Runebound has been a huge success with my 10 year old son - enough so that he asked for one of the big expansions for his most recent birthday.

The game in itself is not that interactive - more of a race to level up and get to the finish with some character interaction occasionally if you play that way.  Because of that, I won't vouch for how well it scales up to multiple players. We play two player (sometimes with two characters each), and it flows really well. With the full complement of six I can see it dragging a bit if the players don't get into watching the other players turns.

As far as expansions go, we just got The Frozen Wastes, which is a map overlay and adds a decent amount of new rules. The base game will suite you fine for many plays before you need a big expansion.  We have not tried the character decks - I have heard they are a nice addition if you want more interaction, but again you probably don't need them for a few plays. I would definitely recommend one or two of the small deck adventure card expansions (The Dark Forest as an example). The base game doesn't come with quite enough cards, and you will cycle through them during the course of a game. With  the extra cards you are more assured of unique encounters throughout the game. (Again, based on 2 players. I imagine with many players you will still cycle through the decks.)