benefit auctions

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to bring a spotlight on auctions for a charitale reason. The german site Hall9000 offers in cooperation with "" and the gaming scene various auctions of interesting games. E.g. there are limited or signed copies available and there is also a prototype offered! All the money made during the auctions goes to "", an organisation for supporting children who are suffering of cancer.

So, if you are interested in some special items for your collection, place a bid. Please be aware, that the money is for a good purpose, so paying a few bucks more can be considered as a donation. Last but not least: Please get in contact with the seller before bidding, because the seller has to pay the shipping costs and will recieve no money from the auction. Shipping to US will be expensive. Maybe it is better to agree upon the shipping before.

This is not advertising and I have absolutely no personal benefit out of this. If anybody should be annoyed by this posting, please excuse me in advance. My intention is just to make this auctions public in order to support a good purpose(like requested on the site). In case of interest check this site:

Offered items:

-A prototype of Stimmvieh -chinagold Nr.1 of the 1st edition (only 333 copies!)


- Palast der K


Thanks for posting news about this auction. A good cause and some great games, too.

I added a link above to your post so people can click through directly to the site.

Spiel on!