You are hereDo you have a favorite game superstition?

Do you have a favorite game superstition?

scooterb23's picture
I have two big superstitions. I have to play yellow (or the closest color to yellow). And I am a competitive meeple stacker. Which annoys my best friend to no end. He lines all his meeples up in a row like they are Spartan Warriors, and mine are stacked like they are in the finale of Cirque du Soleil. He usually looks over, sighs, and then bangs the table, causing my meeples to crumble into a pile.
sconway's picture

I have been known to stack meeples high, much to the chagrin of a few friends who also take great delight in knocking my meeple towers over. You'll notice one of our main Spiel logos is a stack of meeples. :)

I'm also a dice stacker. Often, when I am playing role playing games, I amuse myself by building giant stacks of dice.

Or spinning them. There's a choice I forgot to include on the poll list! Competitive dice spinning has become a new sport in my D&D group, at least between a couple of us.



LarryKruger's picture
I recognized the 'Goal' die immediately as I used to play it with our family many years ago. It is from Word Nerd and you can find it on BoardGameGeek as Game ID 11829. If the following link works, you can find an image of your die on I can't say that I have a 'Goal' die or a version of it; however, I always pick blue (if I can), I like to organize my goober pieces, and I meticulously organize my cards!
sconway's picture

That's awesome, Larry! The mystery of the Goal Die has been solved.

Some of the Rat Bastards, the group to whom the Goal Die has become a sacred object, may choose to live in blissful ignorance of its origin.

I, for one, am glad to know from where it hails!

I think I'll have to track down a copy or two. :)

sconway's picture

I know it's a tough choice, but the polls aren't set up to allow multiple choice. Feel free to list your other preferences here in the comments

I voted for the Goal die, but I always play with blue pieces whenever possible. They're just luckier, doesn't everyone know that? And I do love meeple stacking...

Steerpike's picture
I agree with Avron, it should be multiple choice. I challenge any gamer not to tick at least three of the boxes. I am always Red. Not superstition, it's just that I get confused if I am not Red, because I am always Red. This makes Tigris and Euphrates particularly confusing. I always sit to the left of the "poodle" (the player who is so hopeless that he sets it up for you every time). Who wouldn't ? I always read the rules. The above mentioned poodle always gets the rules wrong so they need rereading, anyway. And, yes, there's a Michaelangelo in all of us. ******************************************************** We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
Avron's picture
I think it's a shame that this is not a multiple choice poll. While I obviously can't speak for everyone else I know that I exhibit more than one of these tendencies, more so with certain games than others. * have to read the rules yourself before playing. (I just don't like not having read the rules for myself. This is what I voted for.) * obsessively organize your hand of cards. (Not quite obsessive, the order will frequently change during the game but things aren't ever random.) * be Michelangelo with your meeples. (I'll set everything out in a grid or by piece type.) * have to keep score/be the banker. (I tend to know what I'm doing more than others so it becomes annoying to have others try and deal with things.) * sit in a certain seat. (Only at one particular residence, and it's usually because the others seem to avoid sitting by the window.) Um.. that was unexpectedly verbose. Sorry.

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