Spiel report, the text part.

In case you're interested, here's my journal entry for this year's Spiel and my two days there. The picture post will be coming sooner or later. :) http://jsciv.livejournal.com/230714.html


Playing games with Bruno Faidutti? How cool is that! What did you play? Or did you have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement? :)

Sounds like you picked up some great stuff and still managed to show some admirable restraint.

Thanks for putting Hamburgum, Liebe & Intrige, Gipsy King, and Moai on my radar.

We add so many games to other's lists, I guess it's only fair you start making our shopping lists longer and longer!


No NDA, and he commented on my BGG thread that it's okay to talk about. The working title is "Save the Kaursk!" and it's a coop game along the lines of LotR where you have to keep your damaged russian sub from being destroyed for an hour (when help will arrive). You spend time to do so (just like in Jenseits von Theben), running around the ship, bailing out rooms, stopping various disasters, drinking vodka (which is a sort of a wild card that has a chance of making you pass out for a while), and otherwise trying to stop the ship from imploding, exploding or getting eaten by large sea monsters.

We actually saved the ship on some really lucky rolls, which was pretty cool, and I got more drunk on vodka than he did but didn't pass out like him, so there! :)

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