How do I enter the contest if I have no cheapass games?

How about if I say which I think I'ld like the most from your descriptions?

In this case it would probably be: Kill Doctor Lucky
Don't tell anyone but I kind of have a soft-spot for Cluedo (Clue to you guys) - probably as I always beat my brothers at it in my childhood.

Note this game is nearly


Hey Robin,

Even sight unseen, Kill Doctor Lucky is a fine choice. The mechanics of the game and even the layout of the mansion are definitely meant to remind you of Clu(edo).

And there's always room for Cluedo on my shelf. No shame in that! Whether its nostalgia or just a simple but fun game design, I 'll play it any time. I have a friend who had no siblings growing up and his parents didnt play games very often and still to this day he has never played Clue. I find that sad. I remember trouncing my sister at Clue many, many times. :)