Episode 169: Spielfest 2013

Release Date: Feb. 4, 2013

Running Time:  215 min.

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Northern Exposure. Join us for a live recording at Spielfest, a two-day gaming event hosted by Snakes & Lattes, a board game cafe in the heart of Toronto. We talk to designers, publishers, and people in the gaming community. We also get to know the folks behind Snakes & Lattes and let them take over each segment of the show.

Guest Host:  Jon-Paul DeCosse, Manager - Snakes & Lattes
Interviews:  Pete Lipson (TABS), Tanya Thompson (Think Fun), Ben Castanie (Snakes & Lattes), Francois Valentine (designer), Tim W.K. Brown (designer)

Game Sommelier:  Live challenges from Game Gurus and Spielers
Back Shelf Spotlight:  St. Petersburg
Truckloads of Goober: Ugg-Tect
Contests: 30 second game title tests!

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Spielfest 2013

Snakes & Lattes   Link

We are so grateful to the entire crew at Snakes & Lattes for being such gracious and welcoming hosts. Here's a short list of the folks you'll hear on the episode in various segments:

Ben Castanie, Owner

Jon-Paul DeCosse, Manager

Jonathan Moriarty, Game Guru

Steve Tassie, Game Guru

Christen Traviss, Game Guru

Patrick McInally, Game Guru

Scott Emerson Moyle, Game Guru

Sean Jacquemain, Events Coordinator


TABS (Toronto Area Board Game Society)   Link

Thanks to Pete Lipson for chatting about TABS and their regular meetups and conventions in the area. For more information on TABS, use the link above.

Think Fun - Tanya Thompson   Link

Rush Hour    Link

Word Around   Link

Hello Sunshine   Link

Swish Jr.  Link

Math Dice: Powers   Link

Laser Maze  Link

I-SPI  Link

Vote to save one pawn and vote a new pawn in.

Francois Valentine - Game Designer 

Chaos  BGG | Z-Man | Amazon

Ticket To Ride: Legendary Asia  BGG | DoW | Amazon

Tim W.K. Brown - Game Designer Link

Gridstones  BGG | CSE | Amazon

Quartex  BGG | CSE | Amazon

Polygon Link

Tim's Prototypes 

Courier Cove

Wobble Sticks

Order of Invention

Back Shelf Spotlight

St Petersburg   BGG 

Truckloads of Goober

Ugg-Tect  BGG | Fantasy Flight

The Game Sommelier

We had GREAT fun turning the tables on folks. In this show, we issue the challenges and our guests must find games to fit them! Our victims included many of the Game Gurus at Snakes & Lattes as well as several Spielers attending Spielfest. Below is a list of each challange and our guests' selections.

The Challenge: 5 games that would make great movies

On the Hot Seat: Jonathan Moriarty, Game Guru

Jonathan's Selections

Chateau Roquefort

Simply Suspects

A Touch of Evil

The Resistance

1960: Making of the President

The Challenge: 5 games that are somehow connected to Canada

On the Hot Seat: Steve Tassie, Game Guru

Steve's Selections

The All Canadian Trivia Game


A Few Acres of Snow

1812: The Invasion of Canada


The Challenge: 5 race-themed games that don't involve cars or horses.

On the Hot Seat: Christen Traviss, Game Guru

Christen's Selections

Snow Tails


Sky Runner

Escape: Curse of the Temple

Chicken Cha Cha Cha

The Challenge: 5 games that help you learn something about history

On the Hot Seat: Scott Emerson Moyle, Game Guru

Scott's Selections


Memoir '44

1812: The Invasion of Canada

Doctor Who: The Card Game

Merchants & Marauders

The Challenge: 5 games that are easier to play standing up

On the Hot Seat: Jon-Paul Decosse, Snakes & Lattes

JP's Selections

Reverse Charades

Pony Express


Word on the Street

Flash Duel

The Challenge: 5 classic games that every gamer shoul be required to try.

On the Hot Seat: Anthea & Stuart Bailie

Anthea & Stuart's Selections






The Challenge: 5 euro-style games you could play on an airplane tray table.

On the Hot Seat: Jefferson Ridpath

Jeff's Selections

10 Days In...


Wings of War


Cash n Guns


Music credits include:

All Through the Night  by Phil Kraus and Bob Rosengarden  Album | Vinyl

Mambo Bacan  by Golden Half 2  Album

Sophisticated Swing  by Phil Kraus and Bob Rosengarden  Album | Vinyl

Johnny One Note  by Phil Kraus and Bob Rosengarden  Album | Vinyl

The Continental  by Phil Kraus and Bob Rosengarden  Album | Vinyl


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

We'll be starting the new nickname format for supporters after Spielfest!

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The Princess Bride Board Game  Link



Always behind in my listening ... First I wanted to thank you again for coming up to Toronto. What a treat to meet you both in person and see first-hand all the work you put into this fine show. I even learned a few amazing things about the world of gaming right here outside my door that I had no idea of before. Kudos to you sirs.

And now for my confession. I admit to my great shame that in answering your challenge my pride got the better of me and I mispoke. (This apology is for Darryl too) I suppose I could try to blame it on being star-struck, or nervous, or something. You guys are just so intimidating! I wish I could blame it on Snakes and Lattes many fine selections on tap ... but it just wouldn't be true.  I made not one but two mistakes in my reply.

First, when I started with "alien" I admit I was playing the odds and hoping that I could stumble into a second word that went along with it. I knew there were plenty out there. Encounter, Factions ... just the plural aliens would have done it. But somehow I came up with "arena" Wouldn't you know ... its is just about the only one that isn't an actual board game. So If I promise to design a game called Alien Arena (mis-matched teams of illegals forced to compete in back alley grudge-match contests for elusive green cards) maybe you will let that one slide?

And secondly, I got my months wrong when I said Red October (thinking of the great undersea disaster game Red November) ... but in my defence I've always thought that Sean Connery looked an awful lot like a gnome ...


Thanks again for the great show and all you do bringing us the Spiel!

Thanks very much, Ken! We really enjoyed our time in Toronto and we are so grateful to everyone who made the trip to come play and enjoy Spielfest. You and all your fellow Spielers helped make the event special and memorable

Our only regret was not having enough time to play with everyone. :)

As for your sneaky game names, I think the responsibility falls on the judges. If we didn't catch it, you're in the clear! Of course that means we wil be extra vigilant next time....

I have to say you might be right about Mr. Connery. Although I think he'd much prefer a kilt to the blue smock.