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Your Move: Episode 125 & 126

By sconway - Posted on 18 April 2011

Your task is to connect....

Senet to The Magic Robot Quiz


Letters from Whitechapel  to  Bakerstreet

The two games at either end of the challenge do not count as 2 of the 5 games.

So, in this case, we start with Senet [insert five games connected in some way] and we end with Magic Robot Quiz.

Post your list of games (and your rationale) below. Try not to copycat someone else's list when possible. The lists can come at the challenge from a ton of different angles, so we are looking forward to seeing how creative you all can be.

We'll do a random drawing each episode and one lucky entrant will win a set of coveted Spiel dice. Have fun!

I will be attempting to link the games through the world of 1980's pop music.  As we all know, nothing says deep strategy and interactive gameplay like the songs of Duran Duran and Huey Lewis.   Each of the games on my list will be linked through an 80's pop tune.

However, I thought I would make it fun for the Spiel hosts and listeners, by just providing the games and seeing if anyone can figure out the tunes that link each of the games.

Wok Star
Carson City
Formula D
Pick-Up Sticks
Magic Robot Quiz

I'll post the rationale later.  Hopefully, I'll remember to post it before the due date for the contest.

First we have Senet, an ancient Egyptian game, where we begin our trip through civilization. 

1.We move forward to the Greeks, for a game of Cyclades.

2. Then to the Romans, with Glory To Rome.

3. It's the Middle Ages next, via Agricola.

4. Next, to the age of industry with, um, Age of Industry.

5. We follow this with a little capitalism, courtesy of Crunch. 

And finally to the age of space exploration and technology, with the Magic Robot Quiz. 

Even though no one took a guess at solving my little puzzle, I hope you enjoy the solution. 

Let's start with Senet, one of the oldest games in history dating back to the ancient Egyptians.  Of course, once you think of the pharoahs, pyramids, and the Sphinx, it is impossible to not have the notes of "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles (1986) ringing in your ears.

Phonetically, "Walk Like an Egyptian" easily segues into "Wok Star."

Using the word "star" to link back into the world of 80's music is like shooting fish in a barrel.  An obvious choice would be Starland Vocal Band and their only hit "Afternoon Delight".  Although that song title turns out to be a BGG-listed game (check it out for yourself), it didn't seem to lead to further links.  Instead, I chose Jefferson Starship and their pop hit "We Built This City" (1985).

There are numerous city themed games to choose from, but I decided to link "We Built This City" with "Carson City."

From Cars-on City, it is an easy jump to "Drive" by the Cars (1984).

Again, the world of driving games is awash in possibilities.  I chose to attach the “Drive” to "Formula D," a game title which would seem almost unlinkable.

However, taking the letter “D” into the 80's leads to the almost inevitable choice of Dee Snider, front man for Twisted Sister and their hit, "We're Not Going to Take It" (1984).

The long locks and screaming vocals of Twisted Sister provide an easy link to the classic game "Twister."

Now, this is where it gets a bit rough, so strap on your seatbelts.  As we all know, the Twist was one of the most famous music inspired dance crazes in history.  However, that occurred in the 50's, which makes it unsuitable for our 1980's inspired chain.  Fear not, when you think of dance and the 1980's, there should be only one response and that is the celebration of dance that is the movie "Footloose," which also describes some sessions of Twister.  From that movie, we take the title song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins (1984). 

The last name of Kenny Loggins should immediately prompt you to think of our lumber industry and the steel-hearted axe men who satisfy our country's need for wood. that just me? Well, play along anyway.  From logs to branches to twigs to "Pick-Up Sticks."

Sticks....did somebody just say Styx!  Our final link is the song "Mr. Roboto" by Styx (1983), which leads to the final gaming destination on our 80's music tour "Magic Robot Quiz".


Steerpike's picture

 most cool :-)

can you do it again using 1980's heavy metal bands ?

I'll think about taking up your challenge next time.

Steerpike's picture

 Senet - sounds a bit like Senate (is there an etymologist in the house?) which inevitably makes me think of the mighty Founding Fathers 

Linking mothers and fathers I jump straight to Mama Mia! which is a fantastic game about making pizza...which leads, almost seamlessly, to Pizza Box Football 

but, hey, if you are going to make a game out of a sport it really should be Curling (especially if Stephen is going to be the judge of the contest), so we have the Curling Table Game

A sport that involves people sweeping the ice can only have been invented in colder climes - presumably at one of the poles - which leads to Polarity a wonderful dexterity game which uses magnets as pieces.

And if there are any magnets left over then they can always be used to make your own copy of the Magic Robot Quiz

teabo's picture

Senet was invented in Egypt, as was the ox-drawn plow. You can plow in...

Agricola. Agricola also features orange vegetables, just like...

Hare and Tortoise. Hare and Tortoise was an early Spiel des Jahres winner, like...

Enchanted Forest, designed by Alex Randolph, just like...

Ricochet Robots, which is has robots in it, just like...

Magic Robot Quiz!


madhattersneverland's picture

So "Letters from Whitechapel" to "Bakerstreet" huh?

Ok fair enough.  So, when you started reviewing Whitechapel, I pictured the game "Scotland Yard" in my head, so how about we try this...

"Letters from Whitechapel" to "Bakerstreet" using games that can be found on the "Scotland Yard" game board (I'm using the 1985 Milton Bradley Canada board).


So our journey begins at  Whitechapel  (Space 91)

From there, we can walk to London Bridge (Space 105)

A quick cab ride will get us to St. Paul's Cathedral (Space 87)

Our next stop is a bit further away costing 5 cab rides but its worth it because now we're at Westminster (Space 140)

 2 metro stops and a bit of a hike will then find us over on Kensington street (Space 120)

Some walking across Kensington Gardens will eventually bring us to Paddington station (Space 74)

Tired after a long day in London?  Don't worry, it's just a short metro ride to our last stop at Bakerstreet (Space 46)


Oh I beg your pardon, wrong game...



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