Kickstarter Project - Video Coverage of Essen & Ludo Fact

Hundreds and thousands of game players, publishers and designers gather every year at the world's largest game convention, the International Game Fair in Essen, Germany.

We plan to cover this amazing event through a series of video and audio interviews with as many game publishers and designers as we can over the four days of the event.

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More details after the break.

We have been covering American game conventions (Origins, GenCon) in this fashion for over five years (to see and hear our past coverage, just explore our site here!)

In addition, we plan to film an extended tour of Ludo Fact. Ludo Fact is one of the largest manufacturers of board and card games in the world. We will produce a documentary-style account of this tour, showing how games are made.

Funds for this project will cover the budget for this overseas on-location video production in Northern Germany (Essen) plus the interview and tour of the factories at LudoFact in Southern Germany (Jettingen).

Please share, post, retweet the Kickstart link with anyone you think might be interested. (Shouting from the rooftops is a bit rude, but also acceptable in a pinch). The more we can get the word out, the better our chances of making the goal. Thanks!



We are very excited to get the chance to film lots of great games and designers at Essen and give you an insider's look at how games are made at Ludo Fact. Hard to think we'll be leaving for Germany in a little over a week! We have some packing and final planning to get to very soon.

None of this would not be possible without a great deal of generous support.

A collective GIANT THANK YOU to all our supporters. I think you'll really enjoy our upcoming videos. Thanks for giving us the chance to bring them to you.