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Your Move: Episode 119 / 120

By sconway - Posted on 24 January 2011

We are starting a new type of Your Move contest.

Inspired by Spieler Ken Maher's Sommelier Challenge in Episode 119, the new contest will give you a chance to connect two games from the current episode.

So your task is to connect....

Uno to Mah Jongg in 5 games (Episode 119)


Hotel Samoa to Glen More (Episode 120)

Post your list of games (and your rationale) below. Try not to copycat someone else's list when possible. The lists can come at the challenge from a ton of different angles, so we are looking forward to seeing how creative you all can be.

We'll do a random drawing each episode and one lucky entrant will win a set of coveted Spiel dice. Have fun!

Steerpike's picture

 Ok - I'll kick off


(uno dos tres....) gives us Dos Rios

and between those two mighty rivers we try to build a Hacienda for safety

safe on the pampas we try to till the soil and become farmers in Agricola

although perhaps we should jump to that other game, in the harvest trilogy, At the Gates of Loyang

hey, I wonder what they play, over in Loyang, in their spare time ? Surely it has to be MahJong?

Steerpike's picture

Ok, second attempt. I've just noticed that it's five games in the middle not four (shouldn't five degrees be four plus the final one?). Hey, you guys make this up as you go along, why shouldn't I?

I'm going to go the other way this time.


has a wonderful two player variant TIEN ZI QUE

TZQ features the sparrow and funnily enough my favourite set piece in the game of SHOGI is 'spearing the sparrow' (a rook behind the lance on the far column)

Shogi is a classic game from Japan but is overshadowed by the mighty GO

Of course, this is too complicated for the pikelets who would rather stick to DUCK!DUCK!GO! 

it's great racing duckies but I prefer the old classic FORMULA ONE (which was the racing game of choice long before Formula De, for you games historians)

ah, but Formula ONE or Formula UNO? It depends where you come from I guess :-)

UNO can be an acronym for United Nations Organization, which when combined with World Health Organizaton forms one of the many memorable jokes in the utterly delightful comedy classic based on the board game...

CLUE, when Christopher Lloyd's Prof. Plum is revealed to be working for UNO WHO. If you haven't seen the film, stop reading and do so. I'll wait. ("Flames... flames on the side of my face..."). Clues form a major component of the revamped...

ARKHAM HORROR and again, given that I can't see a trace of them in the original from what I've managed to learn, it's one of the details that has always made me think the design team may have played a round of Anthony Gill's terrific 80's horror movie homage Death Angel. I may be wrong. Your characters in Arkham frequently have to resort to using books (tomes) in the course of battle. Another game in which you use books to do battle  is of course...

ACE OF ACES, the still-unique game in which each players play  a WWI dogfighter by using a book which shows only the point of view from his own cockpit. The basic game is a tidy amusement which I've played in many a movie line but it really shines when the advanced rules are brought into play. Sadly difficult to find a worthy opponent with that kind of attention span these days though. WWI aces like the Red Baron of course struck terror into the hearts of those who had to go up in a kite against them, the earliest fear of flying. The 70's oversteamed potboiler Fear of Flying was of course written by Erica Jong who, while quite provocative in her day, is now a respectable 65 years old, a point in her life when many might affectionately refer to her as "Ma" Jong or...


This is a terrific idea to replace the worn Mynorca idea, but next time it'd be more interesting if you picked games with more than one possible solution...


OK, here we go, alternating switching out the first and last words :

Uno - Spanish One

Toledo - Spanish City

Carcassonne - French City

A La Carte - French Restaurant

Wok Star - Chinese Restaurant

Mah Jongg - Chinese Sparrow




Balloon Cup - cards must be played according to the requested color

Lost Cities - cards must be played in sequential order

Mexican Train - tiles must be played with matching number pips

Qwirkle - tiles must be played according to shape/color

Lexio - tiles must be played according to tile combinations

Mah Jongg


sconway's picture

I decided to add a second set of games to connect for each Your Move contest, since the contest spans two episodes.

This means you can enter the contest twice if you'd like to have an extra chance at winning the coveted Spiel dice.

I'm loving the connections you all are coming up with so far. Have fun!

I see the connection here, but I'm not sure about progression- As far as I can tell these can be placed in any order. They are of course all terrible tribute bands from around the world who try to mask their lack of quality with quantity by loading the stage with as many performers as possible i.e.

Hotel Samoa, the fifth rate tropical Eagles imitators who continue bringing on new performers throughout the gig with their trademark cry of "Do you want Samoa?"

The Princes of Florence, the Italian troupe in which each stage of the purple pop star's career is enacted by a different diminuative singer.

I'm The Boss, the E Street band  wannabes who challenge their audience at every gig to guess which member is going to sing that night.

King Me! The Elvis Presley tribute in which members of the audience are dragged up on stage at random and forced- at some notorious shows at gunpoint- to wear the famous white rhinestone suit, and of course-

Glen More, the mind numbing act in which identically dressed troubadours file one by one onto the stage gradually adding to a larger and larger chorus of the Glen Campbell hit "Rhinestone Cowboy" until someone in the audience snaps and runs screaming into the night, knowing in the back of their mind that no matter how fast they run they will never escape the terror that another one will walk into the room at any moment. For the rest of their lives.

But as to the sequence, it seems like it could go any way. Am I missing something?

sconway's picture

No, you're not missing a thing.  I think you've got it just right. I don't think the connections have to be sequential at all. Your example proves the point.

And I can promise you Glen Campbell would send me screaming into the night.

Strange- I had added an edit to this that had rounded the list out to the required seven as per your clarification, but apparently that got eaten in some sort of hiccup in your site transition. They were (aside from pointing out that The Princes of Florence are usually accompanied on Purple Rain nostalgia tours by Times Square):

Dread Pirate, whose uncanny accuracy was explained when they were revealed to be bootlegging genuine Bob Marley albums and

Missisissippi Queen. You know what I mean. Mississippi Queen. They had everything. You have no idea how much I hate technology for making me quote that twice.

Also lost was my riddle- why is the reason a bad tribute band like this can exist like Mille Bornes?

Answer: Because the original is no longer Touring. HA!

sconway's picture

Sorry your post got lost in the site transition.

Or maybe I'm not if it contained more jokes like that last one...

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