Pledge Drive - 2010

The 2010 Pledge Drive is under way!

There's a very simple, direct way you can show your support:

Donate or subscribe to the show.

The goal this year is 150 donors and subscribers before year's end.

Your financial contributions support our creative endeavors and allow us to bring the show to you like clockwork throughout the year.

As always, every donor will receive a game-themed nickname!

We sincerely appreciate every donation, large or small. It means a great deal to know you value what we do.

We hope you'll consider helping us keep the show on a stable financial foundation. We've got great plans and with your support, there will be many more years of The Spiel to come!

Feel free to use the links below to contribute. THANK YOU! 

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royal straight flush...awesome

I think I might have just made myself donor #100! The side banner says the score is 99, and I just donated...I guess it just depends on how long PayPal takes to do its thing from here in Australia!

Love the podcast guys, great work :-)

You must have donated just as I was updating the site!

We pushed past triple digits a few donors ago, BUT never fear, you are helping us push toward our original goal of 150 donors!

It may take a Christmas miracle to make it, but we've seen a flurry of generous Spielers like you in the last few days, so you never know.

Thanks so much for your contribution.

 So yeah, I had been subscribing for a while now...and all of a sudden Paypal started sending me emails saying that my subscription didn't get sent.  I thought I fixed it.  But I guess I hadn't, and today the subscription got cancelled.

I still have no idea what went on, I think I'll make a bit of a donation.  If anything, to make sure the number doesn't change :)

Sorry for the weirdness. This has happened a few times. Paypal just flakes out for some reason and cancels a subscription. The only way we have discovered to deal with it is simply to set up a new subscription and not try to revive the old one.

Thanks a bunch for the donation despite the glitch. We appreciate the support you've shown over many years, scooterb!