Spiel-a-thon 2009

We are proud to announce the 3rd annual Spiel-a-thon!

What is the Spiel-a-thon?

It's a fundraising event for The Spiel Foundation, our non-profit group dedicated to donating quality games to children's hospitals and senior centers.

It's also a fun-filled board game fest with chances for finalists to win great prize bundles!


BGG Con  - Dallas, TX, Nov. 19-22 Link

Event will take place in one of the side game rooms.
Time will be late afternoon/early evening. We’re thinking 5-7 so we won’t be too late for dinner. Exact time is TBA until we can sort out final details with Aldie and Derk.

The Event

Attendees of Spiel-a-thon 2009 wil participate in a Wits & Wagers Team Tournament!

4 players per team 

Each team will play a preliminary round (20-30 minutes). There will be three preliminary rounds

The winning team from each round will advance to the finals.

The final round will also include a special Podcaster team including Stephen, Dave, Scott Nicholson, and as many of our podcast pals we can rope in to help out.

All the questions are game themed! There will be several categories of questions, written by us and listener Mark Wilder (who came up with the concept for this event!)

Entry fee

$15 donation per person to The Spiel Foundation.
1 team = $60 ; that’s 1 or 2 games we can donate per team!


Prizes! We are assembling a really juicy prize pack for the winning team. Each team member will walk away with at least four board games.

We’ll have special Spiel-a-thon dice to give away to participants. And as the prize pool grows, we hope to have a raffle to give out other games during the preliminary rounds as well.

Register for the Spiel-a-thon Today!

Single Team Member $15



Four Member Team $60