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Anyone Want to Learn Brass? (Play-By-Email)

By otscotty - Posted on 14 December 2009

I've recently learned to play the Martin Wallace game, Brass.  I've played 3 games now using the free play-by-email application at

I've never thought of myself as a Wallace fan.  However, I love this game.  I'm currently running several 'learning games' with friends.  If anyone is interested in learning the game, I'd be happy to "teach-by-email".  Respond to this post, or send me a geekmail (otscotty) if you want in.  If there is enough interest, I'll start a new learning game for Spiel listeners.


J Moody's picture

I definitely would be if you or someone else in the game owns a copy. I don't, although it is somewhere down on my wish list :)

otscotty's picture

That's the great thing about the play-by-email version of the game.  The map, and all the game components are represented graphically.  You don't have to own a copy of the game to play.  I don't own a copy.  I'm about to finish my 3rd game.  I'll post links to important information about the game below.  I hope Stephen and Dave will forgive the link to Mark Johnson's "All About Brass" show.  Somehow, I don't think they will mind.

Official Warfrog Website
Rules of the Game
     * Click on English Rules (Unless you can read German or French)

Boardgames to Go
A Boardgaming Podcast by Mark Johnson
     * Click on "BGTG 97 - All About Brass"
     * Rules Instruction Begins Around the 7:00 Mark
Brass Online
An Online Implementation of the Game

     * I've Created a Game Titled: Spiel Brass
     * The Password is "goober"
     * Create an Account and Join the Game When You're Ready

Remember, this will simply be a learning game.  I'll gladly reveal my cards, and discuss the reasons for the actions I take.  I'll also advise any new players on optimal moves.  We don't even really need to finish the game.  The only point would be to learn the rules.  Once everyone is comfortable with the mechanics of the game, we could abort the learning game and start a new one.

Shewski's picture

 sounds like fun

J Moody's picture

I guess me asking about ownership goes back to Vassal and Cyberboard, where I only play games that one of the players owns. It's great of the companies to allow those versions, so I want to make sure we support them. I saw that this version of Brass was allowed by M Wallace, and doesn't use board or card images from the publishers, so maybe that is enough.

I'll read the rules and join in.

otscotty's picture

Thanks for pointing that out.  I should have mentioned it in the OP.  By the way, I think this is such a great idea for game designers/publishers.  I know that I, and at least two other guys will be purchasing a copy of the game after having played the online version.

By the way, we have 3 players in the game now.  One slot left.  The game will start automatically once a 4th player signs in.  If we don't have a 4th player by Friday, I'll start the game with just the 3 of us.


otscotty's picture

I think the game plays best with 4.  However, I didn't want to wait much longer.  A game will only remain in 'recruiting' status for so long before it is deleted.  Anyway, we'll go ahead with 3 players and start a second game if others decide that they want in. 

Ok, for the first round, turn order was chosen randomly.  For all subsequent rounds, turn order is determined by money spent in the previous round, with the player who spent the least going first.

Another unique aspect of the first round is that each player will only take one action.  All subsequent rounds allow for 2 actions. 

There is a message board at the bottom of the game page.  Feel free to use it to ask questions.  I'll try to post a comment each round explaining my actions.  If either of you use skype, and would like to use it for game questions, let me know.  I'd be happy to download it.  I'd also be willing talk through some of the more tricky rules by phone.  If you're interested in this, please send me a geekmail (otscotty). 


J Moody's picture

Thanks to Scotty for the learning game of Brass.

Fun and mistakes were had/made by all :)

otscotty's picture

The name-calling didn't bother me.  But I thought it was a bit over the top when you infected my computer with malware, creating a little java animation of the guy from the cover of the game to dance around on my screen taunting me, finally dropping his pants and saying, 'kiss my brass'.

Ok, that didn't really happen.  But we did have a good time.  Thanks for playing. 


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