Episode 20 - Lore & Ladders

Release Date: Jan. 8, 2007 Running Time: 98 min

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Chock full of Goobery goodness! We click with Lexio, a Korean tile game with Chinese roots, and charge head long into Battle Lore, waging table top fantasy battles with hundreds of miniatures.

News & Notes: Games Quarterly, War on Terror Game

The List: Lexio, Battle Lore

Backshelf Spotlight: Fearsome Floors, Canasta

Truckloads of Goober: Dark Tower

Game Sommelier: Five games for a Super Bowl party

Mail Bag: What game owes its name to the Hobby hawk?

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Game News & Notes

Games Quarterly Magazine Link

Features authorized game expansion freebies, plus column by James Ernest

War on Terror Link

Protect your Empire or pull it apart, this parody of current world events looks like a great game. Wear the black balaclava with EVIL stitched across the forehead while you play.

The List

Lexio BGG entry

A mix of Great Dalmuti and Mah Jongg scoring with beautiful etched tiles.

Battle Lore BGG Entry

Wage medieval and fantasy battles on any table top. Days of Wonder's newest and best revision of Richard Borg's command card system is chock full of goobery goodness!

Backshelf Spotlight

Can you see two connection between these games? Email us with your guesses! One correct guesser will win a pair of laser cut custom Spiel dice! The answer will be part of next episode's Spotlight.

Congratulations to Jon in Madison, WI, our winner for Episode 19's contest.

Fearsome Floors BGG Entry

Flee from Furunkulus, a frightening freak, especially fond of foolish foreigners. Fool him and you might find freedom!

Canasta BGG Entry

Invented in the late 1930s in Uruguay, Canasta is a classic by any standard. Those grannies and their card parties are onto something!

Truckloads of Goober

Dark Tower BGG Entry

Vintage 1980's computer controlled tower directs the action in this fantasy game. highly prized by collectors and players alike.

Game Sommelier

The Challenge: Stephen must find five games for a Super Bowl Party

Stephen's List Dave's Vote

Pizza Box Football Thumbs Up

Tudor Electric Football Thumbs Up

Pocket Football Thumbs Up

Rules of the Game Thumbs Up

Adversity Thumbs Up

Next week's challenge (courtesy of Joel in GA) Dave must find five games for a high school classroom that are educational without being "educational" (lame) - games that if the principal were to walk in, he or she would immediately see the educational value. Mail Bag

Adrian in Perth, Australia wrote in tell us how Subbuteo got its name.

Ian in Swindon (UK) wanted us to know about the other dexterity based games made by Subbuteo, including Five A-Side Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, and a fun board game version called Angling.

David in Melbourne, Australia wanted listeners to know about his local game club, Euro Games Fest, and the Australian Games Expo. He's burning CDs of The Spiel and handing them out to game club members. The Spiel as required listening. We love it! Spread the game gospel! :)

Patrik in Sweden says Justinian is less fun than playing darts blindfolded. He also offers to become the German High Translator for The Spiel!

Scotty in MS gives Dave props for his wine and cheese game selections

Jon in WI weighs in on my runaway leader question in Power Grid.

Zack in NC lets us know about a cool new card game, Ruckus.


The name of the Spiel des Jahre winning game I got for xmas is Drunter & Druber, NOT Drunt & Druber. I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere.

Let us know if (when?) you find one!


The bbg entry link of Dark Tower is pointing to Canasta.

Looking across the space, we are looking back in time.

Link is fixed now. Thanks for catching the goof!