Episode 17: I Coulda Been a Contenda!

17: I Coulda Been a Contenda!

Release Date: Nov. 20, 2006

Running Time: 80 min.

Listen Now: Enhanced Version

Game News & Notes

Carcassonne Big Box  

Carcassonne plus all the expansions in one box with integrated rules and inserts to accomodate all the expansion sets. 

Midgard  Link

Ragnarok is upon us! An epic battle to control mythical Norse kingdoms.

The List

Buccaneer   BGG entry

Fast paced game of stacking pirate crews and collecting booty.

Aqua Romana   BGG Entry

Adequate but not extraordinary tile laying game with pasted on theme.

Backshelf Spotlight:  

Can you see two connection between these games?

Email us with your guesses! 

The answer will be part of next episode's Spotlight!

Congratulations to Robin in England, the winner for episode 16's connection contest! Robin wins a pair of custom Spiel dice for his correct connection between Hare & Tortoise and The Queen's Necklace. You can win, too. Send your guesses early and often!

Titan: The Arena  BGG Entry

Bet on fantasy monster battles. Watch out for the referees and the fans!

Acquire   BGG Entry   

Sid Sackson classic of stock trades and mergers.

Truckloads of Goober

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game   BGG Entry    

Board game inspired by the computer game inspired by the board game.

Game Sommelier

The Challenge: Stephen must find five games to convert an avid video gamer into an avid board gamer.

Stephen's List

Dave's Vote

Battle Ball Thumbs Up
Blokus Thumbs Up
Sid Meier's Civilization Thumbs Up
Runebound Thumbs Up
Pitch Car Thumbs Up
Doom The Board Game Thumbs Up

Here are the branches for the different kinds of video gamers/genres I mentioned in the segment

Sports/Arcade gamers

Battle Ball - Blood Bowl - Pizza Box Football

Real Time Strategy Gamers

Civilization: The BoardGame - Memoir '44 - Puerto Rico

Puzzle Gamers

Blokus - Ricochet Robot - Gipf

Online Role Playing Gamers

Runebound - Bang! - Lord of the Rings

Twitch (FPS) Gamers

Pitch Car - Kineti-Go - Skittles

Doom: The Board Game - Space Hulk - Warhammer 40K

Next week's challenge:

Dave must find five games for listener Scotty's wine and cheese themed game night.

Mail Bag

Here's the short list of non-game podcasts we listen to!

Disney Related (Dave): MouseTunes, WDW Today, Netcot

Technology (Stephen): TWIT (This Week in Tech), DLTV

Movies (Stephen): Filmspotting, IFS (my non-profit organization)

Wonderful Things: Boing Boing's Get Illuminated

Learn German with Puppets:  My German Class

We also had some great small press role playing game suggestions:

Shab Al Hiri Roach from David in LA

Indie Press Revolutions  from Yoki in Sweden


I don't know what I was on when I claimed that I played Titan The Arena as a kid! I must have been thinking of Titan! We're still young at heart but not that young!

The title of Boing Boing's new podcast is Get Illuminated, not Everything's Illuminated (which is the title of a movie starring Elijah Wood).

I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!


As I burst into the IS, time is so short that I only do three orbits of the central console for the appropriate sense of urgency before calling to my trusty robot ape Prime-8. “You’re going to need to help the old girl navigate! We must reach the original seven actors from the BBC science fiction series 'Doctor Who'. Somewhere in the 1970’s might be best!"  Khronos would have worked for Hartnell and Spuzzle fit Sylv; if only the intervening five games had been stable. It was all going so well until I had to connect Colin Baker to Mystery Date!

Suddenly the battered Ideal® Magic Window that hangs on the wall comes to life; its sand resolving into the shadowy figure of Steerpike wearing a suspiciously fake-looking goatee and a groovy black outfit that- hey, is that a Nehru jacket? Bold. “I can’t let you do this, Is!” he crows. “That show is mine! Imagine me with the unfettered power of the Spiel Foundation to do with as I please! Ha- ha-“ Oh here it comes. Yep. Yep, he’s going to do the laugh. That’ll take a while. I switch off and begin furiously pounding switches as the pop-o-matic bubble at the heart of the console clicks up and down, the dice inside coming up snake eyes with every pop. She’s still sluggish so I reach beneath the console and pull out a large mallet. I give the edge of the console a firm but gentle whack. Half the thing breaks off and what looks like chocolate pudding begins to slop out of it. This never happened to the other guy.

The screen reactivates to show Steerpike- yes still going but in the final stages of the laugh, doubled over waving one palm before him in helpless hilarity before regaining his composure. The spirit gum has come loose on one edge of the goatee. “You’re too late, Is!” he boasts. I’ve already won! Ha- ha-“ Oh dear, he’s off again.  No matter because through sheer strength of gurning, I’ve managed to land her in a burst of sparks. It’s too much sadly for poor Prime-8, who makes a squealing noise and blows apart. A noble final effort! I spring to the doors and bolt through crying, “ I have it! I have the ans-“

But the world that greets my eyes is a sobering sight indeed. Instead of the starting point of Khronos, I see- Aqua Romana? I don’t even remember- my heart sinks as I look up to the top of the page. Episode 17! That means I’ve been blown five years backward in time! No way to get back in time now; he’s won! Prime-8 staggers apologetically out, sparks shooting from orifices I had never known he had. “BBC… 1970’s… science fiction… original seven… destination… destination… destin…” and his voice sadly slows down like an old phonograph record. Always thought it was odd that such an amazing artificial intelligence communicated through magnetic tape, but no time for that now. I have the nasty feeling I’m not alone…



Enjoy your time in 2006. Perhaps you can keep yourself amused by burying a copy of Coppertwaddle in an Indianapolis garden along with a fake note from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Who knows who will find it in time for Episode 52. Your temporal nemesis, the (Go-)Master

I should have known, the Coppertwaddle "incident" must have been a result of you two mucking about in time and space....

If you're rearranging things here in Indianapolis, how about stopping a certain tree from destroying the padded cell?

You sure it wasn't Gregory who "loosened" that tree in an attempt to bring about an alternative time line that sees the Spiel cohosted by him and me?

We all know Steerpike is the villain in this story. Comes with the name.

Nice try, though...