Through the Ages and Railroad Tycoon Expansion...

As a new listener to the Spiel I've been going through the archive of some of the old episodes and became interested again in Through the Ages and Railroad Tycoon. For those of you who are also interested in those games you'll be excited to know that Eagle Games lists Through the Ages and Rails of Europe (a Railroad Tycoon expansion) both as Q4 releases. I guess I have an early start on my Christmas list.



Hey, Greg.

Those games will make any gamer salivate! I think I may have an update on some of the news concerning those two games.

To my knowldege, Eagle Games fell on hard times and is not producing any new games.

From what I can tell, FRED distribution (an arm of Funagain Games) is publishing Rails of Europe but it will not have Railroad Tycoon in the title. Here's the complete story from Board Game News .

As for Through The Ages, Czech Board Games is planning on releasing this title at Essen this year. Here's a Board Game Geek forum post about it.

So, they aren't coming out from Eagle Games, but they are coming out!

Spiel on!


Seems as though Phoenix labs is keeping the Eagle Games site up to date, those updates I mentioned about Through the Ages and Railroad Tycoon were recent changes to the site and there seemed to be new updates in the last week or so. They have a listing for a new game, Attack! Revised, notes about the new cover art for TTA, and mention that Richard Borg (BattleLore etc.) is designing a new civil war game to be released by Eagle Games in 2008. Sounds like they exist at least as a brand.

Poking around in their forums it looks like Glenn Drover of Eagle/Tropical fame (doesn't the Tropical site look identical to the Eagle site?) is working on Sid Meier's Pirates!, the RRT expansion and perhaps a new Civilization game. Looks like the forum posting for TTA's new cover is by someone from Phoenix Labs.

No matter who's really making the games, looks to be like some exciting news!

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