Scopa.....Thanks for giving me a new addiction

 Stephen and Dave,

I kept hearing you preach about how great Scopa is.  I thought I might learn the game by getting an iPhone app for my iPod.  I downloaded iScopa.  

I've had a hard time putting down the iPod or playing anthing else.  This game is so easy and so addicting.  I can't wait to really play this with real people and with partners.

I was wondering if you only played played with the basic scoring of sweeps, total cards, primes, coin cards and the golden seven or you play with some of the others or without some of these.

Thanks for introducing me to a great game,

Kevin "Meepleman" Rutherford


That's so great to hear. Always room for more players at the Scopa table!

Like most classic games with a rich regional history, there are dozens of additional scoring options, but I prefer to play with the scoring rules closest to the original. This means there are 4 points in play:

1 for most cards

1 for most coins

1 for 7 of coins (the Sette Bello)

and 1 for the Primera

I suppose that makes me a Scopa purist. :)

If you haven't tried it yet, give Briscola a try. Very different game from Scopa in most respects, but similarly simple and addictive.