Your Move: Episode 123 & 124

Your task is to connect....

Cargo Noir to Chronicle


Defenders of the Realm to Telestrations

The two games at either end of the challenge do not count as 2 of the 5 games.

So, in this case, we start with Cargo Noir [insert five games connected in some way] and we end with Chronicle.

Post your list of games (and your rationale) below. Try not to copycat someone else's list when possible. The lists can come at the challenge from a ton of different angles, so we are looking forward to seeing how creative you all can be.

We'll do a random drawing each episode and one lucky entrant will win a set of coveted Spiel dice. Have fun!


Here's my entry.

  1. CARGO NOIR, which features art by Miguel Coimbra, the artist for
  2. SMALL WORLD, a game with a bunch of carboard bits, just like
  3. ENDEAVOR, a nautically themed game, as is
  4. SHIPYARD, designed by Vladimir Suchy, who also designed
  5. 20th CENTURY, an environmental game just like
  6. R-ECO, published by Japon Brand, who also published


So there I was, trapped in the barbaric era of- well, 2006. Forced to watch Spiel Central smashed again because to divert the tree would… uh, damage the delicate Web of Time. Trust me. It just looked really heavy, okay? My robot pal sputtering, “Original seven… 1970’s… BBC… science fiction,” gamely trying to fulfill his last orders. Unless! Steerpike’s voice comes through again to gloat. He never learns it’s a bad idea. “Keep talking,Pikey!” I cheerfully call, trying to home in on his temporal coordinates. “And by the way don’t think about the next Your Move puzzle!”

“What? You mean the Cargo Noir to Chronicle thing? You’ll never-“  he breaks off clapping a hand over his mouth. He has an awkward moment as it sticks to the drooping side of the goatee.

“All I needed to know!” I chirp, pogoing around the console. Prime-8 was giving me the solution! I need to distort time to get back, right? Okay, Cargo Noir lets the players buy a VILA, am I right? Misspelled, but can you blame me for wanting to get the L out of here? You can also buy a mansion. Like in the game California. A state name abbreviated in late 20th century street slang as CALLIE.”

“You’ll never get away with that kind of spelling!”

“California is in the American West, yes?” I press on. “Now when you hear ‘the American West’, don’t you think of Gunslinger, Avalon Hill’s classic game of preprogrammed shootouts? Now The Gunslinger is also the title of the first volume of a series by noted paid-by-the-pound book factory Stephen King.In which, I’m told, the godlike uberforce is known as GAN. Now the Chinese river-”

“No further,Is, I’m warning you!” snarls the bearded one, drawing a wall of energy across my path.

“Okay, If I can’t go forward, I’ll do what I did before and retrace my steps. I’m going back to Callie.”

“Callie?” he sneers.

“Callie,” I confirm. “I’m going back to Callie.”

“Yo, I don’t think so!” he laughs, throwing another wall up in my path. He must have the legendary Chroma Key! I’ll have to improvise. “Kings sit on thrones! As in Game of…! Which features a character named STANNIS!”

“It won’t work, Is!” he declares, but I can hear the nerves creeping in.“References to half-remembered fantasy icons that nobody in 2011 will understand!”

“This coming from ‘Steerpike?’” I grin. “Game of thrones… er… gruesome battles over medieval monarchies. Sounds like a play you’d get asked about in Avalon Hill’s Shakespeare. You know, the bard of AVON? Author of Antony and Cleopatra? Cleopatra who lived among the pyramids? And what can you play with pyramids? Zendo! In which you must determine what constructions have the nature of ZEN! Now although rooted in ancient Chinese philosophies, Zen by that name is a tradition that came to the west from Japan. Much like Chronicle, a trick taking game where you may meet with a great dragon. And where else might you find a great dragon? In ‘The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun’- a painting by noted mad genius William BLAKE! Now remember what phrase their version of the Federation used instead of ‘warp drive’?”

“Noooooooooo-“ I switch off the sound for a moment and savor this. After a few minutes, I switch it back on. “-oooooooooo-“ That’s enough.

I throw my arms wide and exclaim “Time distort- oh, five should do it!” And time folds in on itself with the sound of a popping TARDIS. I burst into the present triumphantly- and find myself surrounded by an angry looking ring of guys who look a bit like the masked heavies in The Adjustment Bureau. All of whom are aiming angry looking guns at me. I tell ya, if it ain’t one thing…

 I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those damn kids

    Of course, starting with more modern smuggling of Cargo Noir, that was done before in olden days of Mechants and Marauders.

Which of certainty came from colonial expansion as in the time of Endeavor. In Endeavor we are looking for solutions or improvements to make better hands of cards, and thus are surely looking for advancement in Innovation.

Mankind has been looking for such solutions and avancement for all time, which then has to be said we have been looking for these things Through the Ages.

What we do have in though the ages? Of course a (brief) History of the World!

What is the history of the world you ask? A Chronicle of major and significant events of recorded human history!

Sounds like a nice logical progession to me. What do you think Stephen and Dave?

I've not had the chance to get in on one of these yet.  Silly me being behind on episodes and all that... but here goes.

Cargo Noir is about smuggling goods, so you could say you are...

Bootleggers.  The bootleg is (I'm guessing) a play you can run in...

Pizza Box Football.  Any good football game requires the consumption of frosty beverages, like those you can buy at the...

Red Dragon Inn.  Of course, the Red Dragon is an important piece of the game...

Mah-Jongg.  Mah-Jongg is, of course, a tile laying game.  Much like...

Carcassonne.  In which you are, in a sense, building the history...or

Chronicle, of an area of France.

That was tough!


Cargo Noir, a game about smuggling

1. Escape from the Death Star, a game featuring everyone's favorite smuggler, Han Solo

2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, wherein Han Solo's portrayer plays an adventurous archeologist

3. Thebes, where you take on the role of archeologists looking for knowledge of ancient cultures

4. Hannibal, a game about the leader of an ancient culture

5. Caesar and Cleopatra, game about two historic figures

Chronicle, a game made up of MANY historical figures.

I'm hidden in the shadows at one of the ports represented in Cargo Noir. It's night, so it's not as hard as it sounds. Still, I don't want to be seen by any of the toughs guarding a particular Container a particular dame may have let slip brought in an item of value. The guards are watching the workers closely, making sure nothing goes missing as they Pack and Stack cargo from the container into waiting trucks. I take a swig from my flask as I eye the crates of illicit goods from Cuba, cigars and hooch circumventing Uncle Sam's honest customs boys, the ones who can't be paid to look the other way. This is all kid's stuff, not what the dame promised, and I'm about to go back to my place, remove the gag, and see if she'll Say Anything different, anything true, when some odd-looking crates are unloaded. That one, the smaller one with the odd markings, that's got to be the one. The toughs have gotten slack, they're chatting, and I seize the moment, darting from my hiding place I smack the dock worker on the back of the head with my sideiron, BANG!, I grab the crate and am off down the alley. I run until I can no longer hear the shouts of the dockworkers or their guards, and in the doorway of a closed shop, I open the crate, and what do you know? She's a swell girl after all. There's a perfectly unwrapped, brand new copy of the first edition of Chronicle. I tear it open to look at the artwork, the cards, and--

I can't read Japanese!

Cargo Noir is published by Days of Wonder, who also publish

Ticket to Ride which is designed by Alan R Moon, same designer as

Elfenland which is about elves, who are also characters in

Small World which has been argued to be a war game, as has

Game of Thrones which is based on a book series, as is

The Chronicles of Narnia, a game title that includes the word


 Cargo Noir - of course Noir is French for Black and it is Mr Black who ends up at the bottom of the stairs in Cluedo.

In the US, Cluedo is simply Clue but in the UK we add the Do - It's the way of the Clue like Geekdo ... and the BoardgameGeek boardgame.

The BGG game can be bought as a promotion on BGG as, indeed, can the new promo Fluxx cards.

I'm a big fan of Fluxx which of course shares a stable with the other Looney classic Chrononauts.

And what is Chrononauts if it is not a card game, with a time line of events to be played out, much like Chronicle.


Any time lord could have told you that.

Cargo Noir has a french word in the title, just like...

...A la carte, which is about food just like...

...Wasabi!, which features specifically sushi, just like...

...Sushizock im Gockelwok, which was designed by Reiner Knizia just like...

...Stephenson's Rocket, which is about trains just like...

...String Railway, which is from Japon Brand just like...