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Crokinole converts

By sconway - Posted on 21 April 2009

Our curling club had a dinner party last week for all the board members. I decided to bring my Crokinole board for after-dinner entertainment.

There's a *ton* of overlap between curling and Crokinole (the strategy, the scoring, the angles), so I figured it would go over well. By the end of the night, though, two if not three people were seriously interested in ordering their own boards. I mean ready to plunk down money, now. Needless to say I was pleased as punch that so many took a shine to it.

Obviously, I've foisted my fair share of games on people. While some do genuinely enjoy the experience, rarely do people ask immediately, "Where can i get this game? I must have it!" Anyone else have instant success when introducing a new game to a group?

Maybe there's just something about curlers...

Albertaflyfisher's picture

 I can see how curlers would love crokinole.  The only game I've had people asking about with serious intent to purchase is Ticket to Ride.  The game really works well as a gateway game.

So a positive reaction beyond just having enjoyed the game, I take it?

My friends seized on Fluxx immediately and passionately; they'll often patiently indulge me in an evening but that's the one that really clicked- enthusiastic Scrabble players too. (They also enjoyed Modern Art, Princes of Florence and Cosmic Encounter but to a lesser degree than you're describing here.)  Another friend took such a liking to my copy of Set that I was eventually forced to get my own second copy; Tangoes was a big hit with her as well. And Family Business has never failed me across two decades and many different groups. (I've never seen an adult group finish a game still using their own voices.)  The Kosmos two-player line has a pretty high success ratio as well and can be a good jumping off point for new explorers. Still, often people adore what I expect to be a hard sell yet have a lukewarm reaction to my expected sure things.

I'm an easier sell, of course; I just had this experience from the other side last night with a nifty new assembly of some very old ideas called Strut!- a bit of a pile-up collision between card games like Rummy with dicefests like Yacht and Liar's Dice with a couple of Uno-esque zap cards thrown in for spice if you can imagine such a thing. A friend of the designer had noticed me eyeing the distinctive cover art- a simple but elegant rooster- and by the end of demonstrating it had convinced me to buy his own copy. Not "serious" enough for some perhaps but I have a hunch my Fluxx fans are gonna eat it up with a spoon.



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