Getting the Word Out

 I know everyone hear listens to this great podcast.  I know that everyone here looks forward to the next one on their listening device.  Hopefully everyone here has rated The Spiel on iTunes or Zune, but if you haven't that's ok, there's still time.

  Let's get the word out so more people can find what we have found.  How?  Well if you have a moment, please rate The Spiel on your podcast search engine of choice. Besides Zune and iTunes go to:

Just a quick click of the mouse for a number, or a little written excerpt will help more people listen to The Spiel, and remember, helping The Spiel, helps the listeners! ;)



We'll take all the help we can get spreading the word about the show. Thanks very much Greggory!

The more places we are listed and the more reviews from you Spielers, the better off we'll be and the more listeners we'll help discover the show. I love the fact we hear from so many new listeners all the time, but that just convinces me there's even more out there and we just have to make ourselves easy to find.

Until I invent the time folding machine that allows me to cram an extra 8 hours into the day, marketing will always suffer since I have to keep the other aspects of the show rolling along. Anyone willing to help in this regard is a true friend of the show. We really appreciate it.

Got my votes in... at least on those sites which don't require you to register to click a single button!