Your Move: Episode 121 & 122

Your task is to connect....

Founding Fathers to BITS in 5 games


Khronos to Spuzzle in 5 games

The two games at either end of the challenge do not count as 2 of the 5 games.

So, in this case, we start with Founding Fathers [insert five games connected in some way] and we end with BITS.

Post your list of games (and your rationale) below. Try not to copycat someone else's list when possible. The lists can come at the challenge from a ton of different angles, so we are looking forward to seeing how creative you all can be.

We'll do a random drawing each episode and one lucky entrant will win a set of coveted Spiel dice. Have fun!


Founding Fathers has alliterative title with "F"s...

So does Friedeman Friese's Fresh Fish...

It's a game about sea life, like Reef Encounter...

Another encounter is Cosmic Encounter...

Which shares designers with Dune...

Which is a literary adaptation like Lord of the Rings...

Which is designed by Reiner Knizia, like BITS!


OK this is my first try at one of these... (EDITED to fit requirement of 7 total games)

Founding Fathers is co-designed by Christian Leonhard and Jason Matthews.

Christian Leonhard and Jason Matthews also co-designed the renowned 1960: The Making of the President, which won the International Gamers Award for a general strategy 2-player game (2008).

The 2006 winner of the International Gamers Award for a general strategy 2-player game was Twilight Struggle.

Twilight Struggle is published by GMT games, which also published (the quite topically named ;-) ) The Battle for North Africa.

The Battle for North Africa is a BGG-estimated playtime of 180 minutes long, as is War of the Ring.

War of the ring has art done by John Howe, as does Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (which by the way is one of my all-time favorite games so I had to work it in somehow!)

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation is designed by Reiner Knizia, who also designed BITS.

And there we have 6 degrees of separation between Founding Fathers and BITS!

The two games at either end of the challenge do not count as 2 of the 5 games.

So, in this case, we start with Founding Fathers [insert five games connected in some way] and we end with BITS.

Sorry for the confusion. I'll make sure future posts include something to this effect.

Challenge accepted!  :-)  I've edited my post to the full 7 games.

It actually is easier for me to think of  "6 degrees of separation" which implies 7 games, rather than "in 5 games" which is more ambiguous, but no worries.

I see; you’re just mocking us now. A few of us get a little confused about the number of games required,  have to post our last two games separately and you cook up this clever little snipe at us. What; don’t you see what they’ve done here?  Let me explain.

The connection is "The Spiel" itself. Each episode first begins with the voices of Stephen and Dave, the show’s Founding Fathers. Fathers leads us to mothers which leads us to:

Mamma Mia! Which as a highly successful musical is the stand in for the theme music  but here’s where the dig comes in- it forks off here to leave two games separately on their own. Subtle but stinging. You see the first trail, the cruel red herring dead end, sends you further along the Abba road to:

Napoleon at Waterloo. Wah-wah-wah-wah-waterloo. Which, in requiring one player to take the French role while the other tries to back him into a corner, obviously stands in for The Game Sommelier. But a Napoleon is also a pastry, leading us to

Just Desserts, Andy Looney’s perpetual beta release, which as a game that is technically still to be released yet has lingered for years as a prototype edition can amazingly stand in for both News and Notes and Backshelf Spotlight. But here’s the viciously devious bit, which I didn’t grasp until pacing my room all night, emaciated, driven to distraction before it struck me. If you can’t go forward, you must have to go back. The restaurant theme leads us right back to Mamma Mia! So we’re back to making pizza. Which leads to:

Villa Palletti which involves building a precariously tilting Italian tower or making Pisa. The leaning tower of Pisa of course gives us The List. Stacking little colored wooden blocks on top of each other goes directly to:

Pack & Stack, where little colored wooden blocks are efficiently loaded into pickups which then become- yes, you guessed it Truckloads of Goober. The pieces and equipment referred to by the Spiel as goober are referred to by other players as:

Bits or Bitz.

And lastly Boggle. It’s short, it’s extra, it deals with scrambled words and having nothing to do with the rest of the list, it’s absolutely wrong. So it’s the regular post-credit outtake.


 Ok, well this one may be a bit personal but let's give it a go...

Founding Fathers is the "Name that Game" prize this week along with DragonHeart (if I win, I need the latter as I already own the former).

on the subject of Dragons, there are plenty to play for in Blue Moon City - a game I beat Stephen and Dave at when I visited Indianapolis. That same night I won Caylus Magna Carta (which I subsequently aqcuired in a BGG maths trade along with RoboTanks. interestingly both are on my shelf together (should I take a picture?))

I like RoboTanks its a neat, pre-programmed move, battlegame similar but not as good as RoboRally - a game about racing BOTS which is only a small leap from BITS (especially as I used to have a goldfish called Bit-Bot. Seriously, you can ask my mum)



Oh dear. I should have seen this coming when you did the Disney marathon. I mean that was great and all but- well don’t you have enough sponsors? Do you really need to take the Mouse Money? What’s next; meeples with mouse ears? Dave bringing the horn in to celebrate every new game from overseas with a burst of “It’s a Small World?” It’s not worth it, guys; look what they did to Devo. What you don’t see it? Too subliminal? I’ll elucidate:

Khronos is named after the figure from mythology usually depicted as a long, bearded old man. “Old man” points us via Lemmon and Matthau to GRUMPY. The action in this game takes place simultaneously in 3 time zones, past, present and future. As in…-
The Doctor Who Collectible Card Game; often reviled. There are some interesting ideas in there but only themost hardcore Whovians would be motivated to dig them out. This gives us DOC. A player loses here if they run out of time. Another game where you mustn’t run out of time is of course:
TAMSK in which players try to keep their sand timers “alive”. Sand of course comes from the sand man. Who makes you SLEEPY, sending you off to Dreamland. The dreamlands of course are found in:
Arkham Horror, where you might decide that whether than confronting a monster you will instead try to sneak around it, possibly even wearing a “pallid mask.” Which would be pretty BASHFUL. Richard Launius was assisted in the reboot of this game by Kevin Wilson who went on to do:
Android in which one of the goals is to reach the endings of your character plots which yield positive points, defined in the rules as HAPPY. This can involve making life better or worse for someone named Louis. This is also the case in:
Guillotine, in which the panicked, condemned nobles ignore this advice quoted in Anthony Schaffer’s Sleuth: "On the morning of his execution, King Charles the First put on two shirts.  'If I tremble with the cold," he said, 'my enemies will say it was from fear.  I will not expose myself to such reproaches.'" On the contrary, even in a downpour (see the Rain Delay card) they are seen rapidly stripping down in public in an attempt to switch clothes with a- what is the French for sucker? (“I tell you this man is not Gurn!”) So even if they escape the blade they may catch their death of cold which would make them SNEEZY. The Family Business-inspired mechanic In Guillotine can rearrange the row of nobles, bringing the last one suddenly to the front. This is exactly what has happened to the letters in the title:
Spuzzle. Which means that you’re trying to solve puzzles by focusing on the last thing first. Which would just be DOPEY.
Tsk. Sellouts.

 Founding Fathers by way of Artist Josh Cappel gets us to:

1.       1. 

Wasabi by way of Games by the Game Artisans of Canada gets us to:

2.      2.  

Genji by way of Z-man Games gets us to:

3.       3. 

Ares Project by way of Gary Simpson gets us to:

4.       4. Edda: The Viking Saga by way of Vikings gets us to:

5.       5. Thor by way of Reiner Knizia gets us to: