Games we would like to see played from the List (some of course need to be added to the List first)

 There is nothing I enjoy more than having Dave and Stephen walk through a game that  I am planning to buy  or have just purchased.  So in an attempt to maybe sneak a few onto the List segment I am tossing out my wish list for  2011.  

1)   Civilization

2) Stronghold

3) 7 Wonders

4) Washington's War

5) Star Trek Expeditions ( low expectations but big ST fan)

6) Duel of Giants

7) Innovation

8) Space Empires 4X

9) Mansions of Madness

10) Merchants & Marauders


Quick shot at my wishlist - please add your comments or games as well.  



Many of these are on our radar too, if not our shelves. :)

I'd love to hear from more people too, to see what games you all are interested in.

We are long overdue for a Listener's Choice episode, so this might be the start of one right here...

If I could find the right module to add to the web site, it would be fun to have wishlists as a feature for each user account. Another project to add to a different "List!"

First that's not a bad list. I'll add At the Gates of Loyang because it really should have been on my 2010 list somewhere. Get your hands on a copy of Innovation and although you've mentioned it in passing several times a quick Table Talk look in on Wok Star would be fun. You might save that for when the commercial edition finally appears though. Backshelf Attika? Princes of Florence?

London would make a good double bill with the upcoming Great Fire Of London and I suspect Dave would get a kick out of the splatter dice in Road Kill Rally- huge waves of respect about the marathon, by the way. Examining my copy of The Hellgame again, I couldn't help but imagine the Professor Conway segment on what at first looks like a flippant stunt but on closer examination is an exhaustively researched take on medieval literature, theology and mythology with a sharper wit than it needs to have but I wouldn't drop you into that potential- er- flame war,

I know I've mentioned it in passing before so last time I promise, but I would be sincerely interested to get your take on Kevin Wilson's mammoth Android.  I can't help but think of it as his One From The Heart or Waterworld,  the pet project of a enormously successful auteur whose reputation prevented the home office from pointing out that he was going way over time, way way over budget and turning in a four hour rough cut. (I should stress that this does not always result in a bad film- that was after all largely Gilliam's experience with Munchhausen.) Like those movies then, it largely baffled the general audience even as a dedicated few clung to it as an underrated and misunderstood masterpiece. My own take falls somewhere in the middle. I admire the thing enough to have been mildly irritated at the initial negative reaction, often from players who couldn't wrap their heads around the morally messy concept of trying to protect certain people while implicating others (rather than having an Agatha Christie style "dead to rights" pat ending.) I wonder whether those people have seen Blade Runner recently or read a Philip Marlowe novel. In the words of Raymond Chandler, "Agatha Christie is the bunk." On the other hand, after three incomplete attempts at the summit,, I wonder if it's just too impossibly, beautifully huge to be comfortably playable. I do think it was a disastrous marketing strategy for FFG to drop it as a surprise the way they did; that would have worked for many other things but this one needed to be more carefully introduced for people to "get" it. That said, I understand too much time may have passed to merit the show time it would take to cover- it would probably be the only game you got off the list that week.


Android is definitely on our radar, I promise. The challenge has been arranging enough time to learn and play. I have read the rules thoroughly no less than five times in preparation for a game session and then for one reason or another, fate has conspired against us and we have had to cancel each time we have tried to get it to the table. I'd really love to get to it. There are so many elements that appeal to me but as your mini-review hints, I have a hard time seeing how all the elements are going to hang together as a cohesive unit. Keeping an open mind, though, until we play!

I've already pitched a London/Fire of London episode to Dave before, so that one will happen at some point. First step, we actually have to own the games. :)


Yes the London show would be a pricey pair of titles. Possibly a new segment allowing you to play games from other people's collections? ("Each week on 'The Grift', we let ourselves in through the carelessly unlocked windows of a different gamer's house. Now before we start the review, it's time of course for Chef Dave to put on the hat and tell us a bit about what they've left in the refrigerator...") I know I'd trust you guys enough to loan out a title or two... Just found out that M. Wallace's next game also revolves around a thriving capital city, Ankh-Morpork, and while I find that idea enticing as all get out it will for a while remain... Unseen...

I've also wanted for years for someone to do a thorough, fair and fresh discussion on gaming's most controversial classic within the appropriate context, but I've resigned myself to the fact that it's probably going to have to be me. So be warned and watch the skies for that, somewhere else across this magical network of tubes, maybe even some time this year. (Hint- If people have been stridently trying to move "beyond" something for three decades, maybe it was bigger than they thought when they were packing for the trip...)

We might attract a whole new kind of audience if we start "The Grift."

And that might not be a good thing! :)

It is a challenge to keep up with wave after wave of new and enticing games. Our solution is really to be guided by our own tastes and temperaments rather than become Grand Masters in the cult of the new. The Spiel budget is not like the BGG budget at Essen. We can't take a one of everything approach (much to Dave's chagrin! ha). That said, if we are interested in specific titles, your donations and sponsorship dollars usually allow us to swoop in and grab what we want/need.

We've been toying with a Table Talk-like segment (mini-reviews) of new/hot games we sometimes get a chance to try before others, but we can't seem to come up with a good title for it. I don't think it needs to necessarily be different in format from the standard Table Talk structure (one person, brief summary/description, then opinion), but I think the right title would give it an identity of its own. We're certainly open to suggestions. Along those lines, perhaps a review segment driven by listener requests would work. Same deal - mini reviews but identity defined through its title. Let us know what you think.

We've discussed doing a Monopoly show several times, believe it or not... As a player who enjoys it with the right crowd, I think it would be great fun. And will certainly give rise to a good conversation!

I've been really enjoying Founding Fathers recently and would love to hear your take on it.

Innovation would be interesting, too.

the keys are under the mat

Love their earlier stuff but I am still on the fence for this one.  Great to see it covered on the Spiel.


Finally had a chance to play Founding Fathers with Dave last weekend (I had played before; he had not).

I have been itching to get to this one. It will definitely get The List treatment in an upcoming show.