Games you can play on an airline trip

The summer travel season is upon us. Pick games you could play on an airliner. A few things to consider:

-Number of players: 2-3 (the seat-mates in your immediate section of the row--no playing across the aisle); alternatively a game that could play across the aisle considering foot traffic on the aisle and not interfering with the other passengers.

-Must fit on a typical coach class tray table (16.5" wide x 9.5" deep)

-Must not depend (too heavily?) on holding a hand of cards that you must hide from other players (too hard to do if you're in the middle seat)

-Not too long to play on a typical domestic flight segment (2-3 hours max)

-Playing set-up (e.g., board, pawns, etc.) must not be too suscetible to a little light turbulence*

-Must be easy to carry on (this shouldn't be too hard of a stipulation)

-Must pass screening by the TSA (e.g., Cash 'n Guns might not be a good candidate)

-Doesn't include too much boisterous activity (don't want to disturb other passengers)

-Doesn't require too quiet an environment--jets can be a little noisy

-Can be played given the limited mobility of being in a tiny coach seat with your seatbelt on and the guy in front of you reclining his seat back all of the way

*Light turbulence=too bumpy too fill your glass all of the way without liquid sloshing out, but not so bumpy that you couldn't take a sip out of it without washing your face with the contents.

Bon voyage!


I guess it goes without saying no games with liquids or gels....

Great challenge! I think I may have to put my challenge on hold and use yours instead.

The best part is, Dave will never know because he always forgets to read the forums!


The new Settlers dice game (Die Siedler von Catan--Das W