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What games have you bought because of The Spiel?

By willacarpenter - Posted on 03 April 2009

Are there games that you bought because of The Spiel?  Was it because of their review on the list?  Was it all of the Truckloads of Goober?  Did you spy it on Dave's OCD shelf and remember a game from your childhood?  Did you realize you need to play some sort of old game?


I personally have bought several games because of The Spiel...and for a lot of different reasons.


I decided to organize my games a month or so ago, and decided I wanted some new games to play with all of my friends.  While trying to look for cool games I stumbled upon The Spiel via a link of The Geek.


At that particular time I was really impressionable.  I started tearing through episodes like a crack fiend.  I'm up to episode 32 right now...and I started listening seriously like two weeks ago.


Anyway I was looking for stuff and they were just LAYING IT OUT THERE.  First things first I picked up a small cribbage board for like a dollar.  Then I found some sweet deals on eBay.  Then I bought a bunch of stuff for dirt cheap off of The Geek's marketplace.  Then I researched Blue Moon and it sounded great from what they guys said...and The Geek made me want it more.  I eventually found a new copy really cheap and just got it yesterday (i ordered 5 expansions already, liked it that much). And I'm remembering playing a LOT of games from my youth that I will have to pick up.


And I've got a lot of games added to my watch list that I will be looking for on the cheap to pick up as I have money...


(oh yeah, I picked up Rocketville for $3.00, Runebound for 12, and Pirateer for 10) YAY!


So what made you want to buy the games that The Spiel talked you into?



Beowulf: The Legend for one.  Actually, I’ve had this bizarre run of luck where I’ve bought games a few days before they show up on the show, which I’d expect with the newer titles but it keeps happening with the backshelf stuff too. It’s a minor mark of evil pride that the Spiel has bought at least one game because of me (insert villainous snicker of your choice here.)

Since it’s come up, thanks for a chance to say something nice about Rocketville, which I found at about the same price. A nice, if feather-light and very silly game that was a victim of its own obnoxious marketing.  Highly intrusive popup internet advertising had the critics across the digital highway sharpening knives before it even hit shelves and (whether I always like it or not) those guys pretty much make or break a new title’s chances. When it didn’t turn out as the deep strategy game that the names Richard Garfield and Avalon Hill led people to expect, it got absolutely savaged. “Crime will pay!” If only campaign promises in the real world were so honest. I admit I might be less charitable had I bought it at the original retail price but I do enjoy it and hope you do as well.

xofour's picture

While I have not bought near as many games as i have dreamed of due to the advice of the spiel.   This is my favorite & #1 podcast.  But, they make everything sound good.  and I have had to learn to adjust my expectations to the people I am gaming with.  I am grateful for many suggestions among them Cash & guns, pitchcar, and witches brew.  that is just what I can remember in my game collection.  There has only ever been one "wrong" stear from the Spiel.  i was KaBlammo.  I don't know if it was aboslutely their fault.  But I bought it because it sounded as cool as almost every other game they covered.  and probably it would have been as cool.  but the components didn't snap together correctly and the whole gameplay with the disks didn't sti well with my friends.  the whole game resides under my dresser.  I still believe it should be fantastic with the right crowd.  unfortunatley I don't have the right crowd...but maybe someday.


But there are many more that I love thanks to the spiel.  and many more others I cover because of their coverage.

Give it another shot (no pun intended). Recognize though that many game fans seem to enjoy a feeling of control and the pleasure of KaBlammo is just the opposite- the fun of finding yourself suddenly thoroughly muddled up, confused and desperately trying to remember where that yellow bullet actually is after its fifth or sixth move around the table. One for the chaos fans but here the chaos comes not from a random element but from the players themselves. Played it this weekend and it was if you'll forgive the expression a blast. Lots of sudden stares across the table that said, "Okay what the hell did you just do?"

Admittedly though I found my copy in thrift so some other kind soul had taken care of assembling the components for me and if you don't like memory games, you'll probably really dislike this.



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