My updated trophy case

Spiel Dice!

TOP ROW (L to R):

For defeating David at Zooloretto, Origins 2007

For defeating Stephen at Restaurant Row prototype, Origins 2008

For Backshelf connection, Episode #76 (Gangsters and The Chicago Caper)

For helping with Spiel-a-Thon '09.


For defeating Stephen at something, Origins 2009.

"Your Move" contest, Episode 101 ("How You Like Them Apples?")

For beating David at Haggis, Origins 2010 (though they would have let me keep them anyway because I licked them).

For UTTERLY CRUSHING David and Stephen at Tichu, Origins 2010 (Thanks to my partner Tom for doing all of the hard work!)


Very nice collection, for a would-be Nemesis!

You don't have a set of the orange swirly Truckloads of Goober dice? Interesting....