Your Origins Schedule

Hey, Guys,

I was wondering what Dave and Stephen's schedule was going to be at Origins. I think I heard you were going to be there, right? Was just curious what your arrival and departure times will be.

Just as a compliment to you guys, I know a lot of people are looking forward to meeting/playing with Tom Vasel, but I'm really more interested in seeing you two. Your tastes in games mirror mine a lot and you get me sooooo geeked on playing stuff.

I've been to Origins in the past but this is the first time as a boardgamer. I've been a miniatures player with a lot of interest in wargames. Podcasts like yours have changed my interests a lot. I'm now older (in my 40s) and work and family just don't give me many chances to play games. The Euro section of the hobby has now allowed me to play games with shorter playtimes and also permits me to play with a wider audience of players like my wife, daughter and my wife's friends (who just love The Great Dalmuti).

Anyway, I hope you are attending and, if you are, I hope to catch up with you to play a game or two.


Kevin Rutherford


Hey Kevin.

We'll have some more info in the next episode regarding our Origins schedule, but here's our basic itinerary such as it is:


arrive and hit the con!


podcast discussion panel Saturday morning (10 AM, I think)

dinner event with listeners who want to join us (time TBA)


Dave departs early for family reunion

Stephen spends some extra time at the con before heading home to Indy


We're certainly more than willing to do some game playing on the show room floor (or after hours) with anyone who wants to join us. But we're also going to be doing some brief interviews and gathering info from the various booths for the Origins episode, too (didn't think we'd go to the con and NOT do an episode, did you?). Put simply, feel free to track us down and say "hey." And by all means, if we're playing, we'd love to play with you all!


Kevin R.

Depending on your interests, invest in either a War Room or Board Room ribbon ($15 each) or both. I am always in the War Room near the door with my white board setup behind me. On it is the schedule of the games and times I will run them.

I am a big multiplayer gamer and will be running the following games throughout the weekend, beginning Noon on Wednesday:

*7 Ages (ADG)
*Mare Nostrum with the Mythical Expansion (Eurogames)
*Through the Ages (Czech Board Games)
*Agricola (Z-Man)
*Galactic Destiny (Golden Laurel)
*Dust (FFG)
*Space Farers of Catan (Mayfair)
*Race for the Galaxy (Rio Grande)
*Age of Empires 3 (Pro Ludo)
*Atlantic Storm/Pacific Typhoon (AH/GMT)
*Manifest Destiny (GMT)
*Wellington (GMT)
*Fredrich (Histogames)

I will also teach the following two player games:

*Combat Commander: Europe/Mediterranean (GMT)
*Twilight Struggle (GMT)
*1960: Making of the President (Z-Man)
*Prussia's Defiant Stand (Worthington)

Kevin R.

I definitely recommend finding time to say hi to Stephen and Dave if you are at Origins. I got to meet them (briefly) at the podcast panel last year, and it made me a much bigger fan of the show. They are either really great guys, or really good at fooling people.

We promise. As for being great guys or fooling people... we'll leave that for you to decide :)

Glad to know the podcast panel made such an impression. We had no idea!

Our Origins plans are very much up in the air at the moment. It may not be possible for Dave to get away because Origins conflicts with the last weekend of a show for him. If that's the case, we may forgo Origins and try to do BGG con this year. Nothing is set in stone at this point, but the calendar hasn't been kind for a couple game con plans already this year...



Here is my schedule for War Room gaming at Origins. I don't have them listed w/ GAMA so don't try to signup for these events w/ them. If you want to play, showup at the scheduled time and if there's an opening, you are in. Those I know can email me to reserve a spot.

You will find me at my usual spot right inside the War Room doors along the right wall.

Noon-4p: Thru the Ages (Czech Boardgames) 3-players
930-1030p: Pacific Typhoon (GMT) 5-players
1030-1130p: Glory to Rome (San Juan/RFtG clone by Cambridge Games Factory) 4-players

9a-Noon: Agricola (Z-Man) 4-players
2-5p: Age of Empires 3 (Pro Ludo/Tropical Games) 5-players
7-10p: Spacefarers of Catan (Mayfair) 5-players
1030-1130p: Pacific Typhoon (GMT) 5-players


9a-Noon: Friedrich (Histogames) 1-opening
1-7p: 7 Ages (Australian Design Group) 14-players
8-Midnight: Wellington (GMT) 1-opening

Noon-4p: Dust (FFG) 5-players
6-Midnite: 7 Ages (Australian Design Group) 14-players

9a-1p: Thru the Ages (Czech Boardgames) 3-players
1-2p: Glory to Rome (San Juan/RFtG clone by Cambridge Games Factory) 4-players

4-7p: Warriors of God (MMP) 1-player