Talisman Online

Maybe I'm loosing my mind.  But I seem to remember you guys hosting a few games of Talisman somewhere online.


Where was this, I can't seem to find it.


Robin Goodall runs a great site called Occasional Gamer.


We have played several games of Talisman there, but it's been a while since our last.

If people are interested, I can start another.


Funny, I've been away from this site for over a year, come back today to discover a post pointing to my site just yesterday.

Unfortunately, oTalisman is still under development. Very little free time to progress it.

Anyway, any Spiel listeners, feel free to visit.


Welcome back, Robin!

I was wondering how things were going with you. Happy to see Occasional Gamer is still going even if Talisman is still in beta. :)


I'd be in, I love the site and it's a fun way to play.

I started a game called Spiel Game - April at Occasional Gamer.

password is: spielon.

There are seats for five players, including me. As soon as we get four people to play, the game will begin and the race for the Crown of Command begins!

Just a reminder, we need two more to start!