To Hail Extra Special Point In Episode List

In honor of this great milestone in podcasting, I give you from favorites across the breadth of my collection (drum roll, please), from throughout the history of human gaming (bit more), and around the world (“More cowbell....”) the absolute last word in first letters (“Beat drum! Beat drum!”)... I give you (“Ramming speed!”) the MYNORCALPHABET! (cymbal crash, drummer falls to stage exhausted)

HAPPY 100th!

Amourous monarch yells “Irrigate!” to industrious servants.

Blockade runner evades all, knowing that her rival's underwater.

Classic has elegance, style, sophistication.

Desert under new empire.

Excavate mountain pathways in railroad endeavour, bring up items loaded downhill earlier, return.

Flip overpriced rental sites and live elsewhere OR Fortress endures unless Duke's archer lacking.

Genuinely innovative project! Fantastic!

Horrors! Eternity's loathsome legions go aboveground, menace Earth OR Hiking in mountains alone, leading angry yaks along.

Insidious liars lead underhanded minions in nefarious activity, thwart interference.

Juguemos! Utilizamos nuevas tactica ahora!

Knowing I'm looking, let dear old codger trundle on. Retry later under cover. Knife Yorkie.

Locksley engages greedy establishment. Nottingham desperately opposes forest renegade outraging bishops, intercepting nobles; hangs outlaws on demand.OR Little ol' ring damns our Frodo to hasten every round, inevitably nearing grim Sauron.

Make overs? Never! Original proven over long years!

No! Electronically traced! Reroute! Unplug neural net; escape recognition!

Obscure chart emerges as new islands accessed.

Players obstruct way; expenses rise. Generators run into debt. OR Painful! Lance obliterated you! OR PERHAPS Powerful Renaissance interests nurture cultural enhancements- seven opportunities for fame leave out reckless expenditure- never creates enough

Quite unusual orthogonal race. Impede determined opponent's route.

Racers employ gusts, alter tacking to accelerate. OR Reiner's auction.

Still champion! Really all-time best but lexicon essential. OR Spot every trio.

The original, ushered retaliation into numerous games.

Undone! Nearly out. OR Unearthed relic OR (IF YOU'RE FEELING INDULGENT) Unlucky losers take incoming meteor and two escape. See unfortunate cosmonauts killed in null gravity. Viciously aggressive contest using unusual methods.

Vintage economics. Nifty title, usually really entertaining.

Wild, angry bunnies bounce into 'toon warfare. ACME makes profit as game escalates. OR Wittily handled, outrageous still tragically overlooked Llama enterprise ended? Damned shame! Perhaps a new title someday? OR IF YOU PREFER Winning Afghanistan recklessly opens new troubles; eventually rats renege on regime.

X? Aw, c'mon! That is kinda absurd!

Your souk's packed? Awesome! Hey, another? Nice!

Zero on monster's brain! It's enraged! Shoot!!!







 Actually, words exaggerate sometimes, one might exclaim.

Great Rollicking Emus, Gregory! Oustanding Results. Your Imagination: Superb.