Your Move - Episode 100

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a Mynorca, an acronym in reverse for one of the game titles we covered on the current episode. So the list of titles includes: Macao, Chaos, Carcassonne: Catapult.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Chaos could stand for

Cards Have An Order, Stupid.

One entry per person. Pick a title and have at it! We'll do a random drawing from all the entries below and the winner will receive a set of highly coveted Spiel dice!  Have fun. It's your move!


 Century has arrived! Outstanding, Spiel!




Amidst (the)


 Change Happens Although Order Survives

 Could Another Rediculious Carcassonne Addition Slander Success? 

Obviously, No Nerdy Enthusiast Could Admit To Actually Purchasing UHnother Lame Title.

Changes Happening All Over ... Scary!


That game sounded way too random and chaotic (appropriately named, at least)!

Conway And Right-hand-man Colson Are Spectacular Spielers Of Notable, Never-ending Enthusiasm. Continuously A Treat Aspiring Podcasters Unflinchingly Listen To.

Great hundreth episode. Looking forward to many more to come!