100th Episode Idea

On ESPN.com they have a weekly column where Forde lists 40 things for that week.  This is always a combination of a few big items and a series of sublists.  It is always a free flowing list of unconnected items.

I think this would be a great idea but do it as the Spiel 100 , You could add whatever items you like, do sublists like the best 5 from the list or games we still like after 10 plays or games we dont like after 10 plays.  Games we most want to see made, reprinted, never printed again . Favorite game dice, worst game art, etc ( I am just throwing ideas and lists)

The basic idea is comprise the 100 items for the show in any format or style you like.  I would love to see what type of wild and creative fun 100 things you 2 would come up.

Here is a link to the ESPN column





That's a cool concept!

And one that certainly fits the ecclectic scattershot nature of the show.

We may modify it to suit our needs, but I think you're on to something...