Enhanced Podcast

Is there a way to get the enhanced podcast short of downloading individually or going through iTunes? I don't use an iPod, I use a Zen Vision W. I check for new episodes through the ZENcast organizer. It uses the feed.xml page, but that only lists the regular version.

I'd rather not venture into i-Land if at all possible....any help?



Hey there.

Thanks for lighting a fire under me and getting me to fix the subscription buttons. They were, quite frankly a mess! :)

In the subscribe section, the buttons are now organized by Enhanced and MP3 Versions.

I have submitted our enhanced feed to the ZenCast people, but it usually takes a few days before that button will actually work. If I can remember, I'll post something in this forum to let you know when it is active.

In addition to the Zen Cast button, there are now other non-iTunes ways to subscribe to the enhanced versio. Google Reader does a bang up job and I would highly recommend it if you need your Spiel fix in the interim.

Spiel on!


Hey, thanks Stephen! Such service! :D


Hey Leslie.

The ZenCast link to the enhanced version of the show is now working.



I love the enhanced podcast version. It helps me get through my day at work. :-)

Just want to let you know that I really appreciate the extra work you must go though to put this version together.

I appreciate knowing that, jdkimble! Thanks!

The enhanced version does take alot of extra effort. So much that every few months I wonder if I should keep doing it.

It just makes sense to have pics to go along with what we're talking about when possible. At some point in the not so distant future, there's probably a video version of the show coming.... but until then I'll keep plugging away with the pics.




Wow, a video version? That's big news. I would love it.


I ain't no freakin monument to justice!

It's still months away, but we're heading that direction, eventually. Initially, it may be an offshoot of the show (just so we can figure out what we're doing), but I am in the process of setting up a small multi-media production facility, so I definitely want to use all the tools at my disposal to see what we can do with the show!

Don't be too eager, Scotty. You may take one look at us live-action and unsubscribe! heh.