Niagara Boardgaming Weekend, Feb 18-21, 2010

 The NBW is an excellent wargaming and general boardgaming con held each year in Niagara Falls, Ontario;. It is in its sixth year and is sponsored by Mike Caldwell and Art Lupinnaci (L2 Games).

This year it is being held at the Best Western Hotel in downtown Niagara Falls from Thursday, Feb 18th at Noon till Sunday evening the 21st, and some gamers come in Wednesday for early gaming. The con room rate is $90 Canadian each night (the US dollar is currently worth slightly >$1 Can), and the con attendance pre-reg price is $45 for all four days. There are lesser rates available if you are attending <4-days.

Passing through Canadian Customs is hassle-free, although it takes a Passport to get back into the US. The drive for me from NE Ohio is exactly 4-hours and the hotel is easy to get it. The Best Western is a full-service hotel with its own restaurant and is located in the restaurant district of Niagara Falls. It also has an indoor water park, so some attendees plan on bringing their family with them. 
The weather in Ontario is a bit colder but there is less snow.

Attendance each year is 80-gamers or more and most games played are wargames, although there are many Euros in evidence. The games played are evenly split between 2-player wargames, multiplayer wargames, and other multiplayer games.

In addition to the 24-hours-a-day gaming, there will be a game flea market for you to sell your unwanted games and buy new ones. L2 will also be selling their games. Tournaments have also been talked about.

I have attended the last two years and the NBW has become my favorite wargaming con, surpassing Origins, the Buckeye Game Fest, and Prezcon. Everyone is friendly and you will always have someone to game with.

Here is the flier for the con. Click on its embedded links for more information on the hotel and registration.

For lively discussion about the NBW, goto the Consimworld web site ( look for its topic in the Conventions area.