Chessex Custom Dice Created by Listeners

We have had several listeners comment on the great fun they've had designing custom dice through Chessex. Here's a place to post pictures for all to see (and drool!). We'd love to see what you have come up with. It's also a great source for inspiration if you're pondering custom dice of your own.

I'll get things started with a few pictures sent in to the Spiel Mail Bag.

First from Travis "Tensider" Bryant come the You Burst Into Flames Die. This is the name of his game group and he had special dice made up for each member.

Next three submissions from Daniel "Chica-bunga-Conga" Sheron. Daniel writes:

"In addition to a number of Board Games, my sons and I play Warhammer 40K and it happens that two of the 40K armies (Tau and Orks) have their "language" (specifcally numbers) documented.  Thus, I had Chessex produce two sets of dice with Tau (very linear and techno numerals) and Ork (very rudimentary and caveman-like numerals) numerals in place of the pips.  I particularly like the Ork numerical representation of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and anything greater than 5 as "lots."

The third set of dice Chessex produced for me is a set used in games that utilize dice roll modifiers for 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s, but do not modify 1s and 6s (typically a 1s is always good/OK while a 6 is always bad/hit).  Battleground Fantasy Warfare is an example of this type of game. The graphical representation of the 1s and 6s act as a memory aid/warning sign (Stop - do not apply modifier) for me.  The dice work well as in the heat of gaming, I don't always remember to ignore the modifiers when appropriate.

Bottom line, I love Chessex customization and do love supporting The Spiel through supporting Chessex."


Here are the dice we had made up for our friend whose last name is, Younce.  It rhymes with "Ponce" (as in Ponce de Leon).  We're making knock-off Yhatzee score sheets for his game - Youncee!  Thanks Chessex!


Those dice are sweet, Scotty! I love how crisp and clean the lettering is.

What color/style are they? I'm readying our next order of Spiel On! dice and I think I may have just decided on my selection.... :)

We were pleased with the way these dice turned out.  It's difficult to tell from the pics I posted, but there are specks of blue in there as well.  They look great.

 So heres my collection of custom Chessex dice (from Left to Right):

1) My Avatar (and the tattoo of my kids hand prints)
2) From my 2011 Settlers of Catan Tournament
3) From my 2011 Memoir'44 Tournament
4) My new Steampunk inspired personal dice (perhaps I'll use them in Dystopian Wars)
5) My first set of "The Spiel" podcast dice - solid black with white pips
6) My second set of "The Spiel" podcast dice - swirly black with white pips
7) My "Game On! with Cody and John" podcast dice

(Now how to get my hands on other Spiel podcast and custom dice? I do have extras of the first four sets if anyone's interested in trading. )

Sweet collection. Those steampunk ones turned out very well.

We have a few leftover pairs from previous year's Spiel dice, so if you ever win a contest (or beat us at a game at a convention) we are happy to fill in some gaps in your Spiel collection. :)

Who knows, though, other Spielers might be willing to trade, too!

Chessex went above and beyond on the steampunk ones for me - I absolutely love them! 

I agree.

Your design certainly shows off the amount of fine detail they can do on such a small space.