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OK, I know this is the place for Doctor Who and Torchwood questions :)

So my wife and I have been watching Torchwood (just started season two), but I have not watched much Doctor Who - only up to episode 7 or so on the first season of the latest incarnation.

I know Torchwood is a spin off, so how much of the stuff we are exposed to in Torchwood are things we are supposed to know from Doctor Who, and how much is just an unknown mystery?

The first episode from season two, where the person who had a past with Captain Jack came out of the rift was what prompted this question.


There's a lot of backstory with Captain Jack filled in by watching Doctor Who.

The episode in question (the one with Capt. John Hart played by James Marsters) is not one that refers back to the Doctor. Threads for this particular story are left open purposely so that they might return to it again.

That said, I would definitely encourage you to stick with the venerable Doctor and you'll get several great episodes that shed a different light on Jack, starting with the two parter "Empty Child" in season one.

Excellent, thanks. And to think I can even get the info in the first season (only one more episode really)!

The problem is that my wife has gotten attached to Torchwood, but not to Doctor Who, which means that Torchwood is a dvd in the mail for evening viewing, while Doctor Who is whenever I can snag an episode online. Maybe I can entice her with threats of explanation. She certainly would rather get the details from viewing it herself than listening to me try and stumble my way through it :)  Probably one of the reasons why we don't play many games together is that I drive her insane trying to teach her the rules!