Spiel-a-thon: Wits & Wagers Teams & Free Agents

We have several teams pre-registered for the upcoming Spiel-a-thon, but we also have several individuals looking to form a team from the free agent pool.

Listed below are the teams and the free agents!

Feel free to kibbitz and contact each other through this forum. Could be a great way to meet other Spielers *and* form an unstoppable foursome, sure to walk away with the giant prize pack!

Team Kryptobongos: Tim Shippert, Richard Johnson, Zontziry Johnson, Andrew Korson

Team Overkill: Shijuro, jonnomh, others pending.

Team Chit Kickers: Quinn Munnerlyn III, James Munoz, Bryan Cooper, Eddie Bridges

Team Schwerdtfeger: Michael Schwerdtfeger, Mark Applegate, Todd Walker, plus one.

Team NAGG (North Atlanta Gaming Group): David Corbin + 2 others, one opening

Team Pineapple Packing Pirates of Penzance: Hannah Bellwoar, Darren Hron, Andrew Bouffard, Shannon Bouffard

Team Duck-Billed Platitudes: Andy Tinkham, David Reed, Toby Otero, Dana Otero

Free Agents: Doug Richardson, Brad Brooks


Okay, I propose creating a team called "Unstoppable Foursome"!  Who's with me? 

I just signed up our Team: NAGG (North Atlanta Gaming Group). But, there are only 3 of us. We're looking for a free agent. Care to impress me with all your accumulated geek points?

I have just signed up my wife, Shannon Bouffard, and I, who are joining Darren Hron and Hannah Bellwoar, as a new team for Wits and Wagers.

Please remove Hannah and Darren from the Free Agents list and add the Pineapple Packing Pirates of Penzance to the team list.


--Andy Bouffard

I just donated for our team: Duck-Billed Platitudes.

The team is me (Andy Tinkham - tinkha on BGG), David Reed (deacondavid), Toby Otero (tobyo104) and Dano Otero (MsDLO). Please remove Toby & Dana from the free agents list and add our team!